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Official information from FYEG and CDN

1. Upcoming activities

- Youth exchange in Slovenia on Regionalism in Europe
- CDN Network Meeting in Serbia
- FALAFEL seminar in Turkey entitled Youth for Peace
- Youth exchange in Germany on Climate Change
- Training in Germany on Economics

2. Statements and press material

- PR: FYEG congratulates Swiss Young Greens for SUV Ban Initiative
- PR: FYEG welcomes the adoption of a Horizontal Anti-Discrimination
Directive Proposal
- PR: FYEG affirms its concerns about the conflicting messages of the French
- EC reports

3. News from Member Organisations of FYEG

- Asociaţia Verzii (The Romanian Young Greens) on the conflict in Georgia

4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others

- European Greens demand that EU takes a tough and unified stance in
relation to Russia
- Switzerland to Hold Referendum on High Polluting Vehicle Ban following
campaign by Young Greens
- Olympics characterised by broken promises to respect human rights

5. Calendar

6. Technical section

If you have material that you want to be distributed in the FYEG network,
please send it to Communications Officer Teo Kortman (teo at fyeg.org).


*1. Upcoming activities*

*CDN Network Meeting in Serbia*

CDN is holding its 6th Network Meeting in Belgrade from October 17 to 19.
More information about the Network Meeting can be found
*Please note that the location has changed from Tuzla, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, to Belgrade.**

**Youth exchange in Slovenia on Regionalism in Europe*

FYEG is organising a youth exchange entitled Regionalism in Europe in Tolmin
from November 2 to 8. A prep team meeting will be held in September. The aim
of this seminar is to define what constitutes identity and a shared sense of
belonging; the positive aspects of integration rather than assimilation; the
rights of a nation within a state; European attitudes to regional languages
and their contribution to the European cultural heritage. More info about
how to apply for the prep team and/or the seminar itself will follow.

*FALAFEL seminar in Turkey entitled Youth for Peace*

The FALAFEL network, of which the FYEG is member, will organise a seminar
entitled Youth for Peace in Istanbul from November 12 to 16. The aim of this
exchange is to promote an understanding of peace as something else than the
absence of war, the understanding of peace as a state of interaction and
communication that it is worth striving for and to bring young people
together who want to work together for a more peaceful society. More info
about how to get involved will follow soon.
Youth exchange in Germany on Climate Change*

FYEG is organising a youth exchange on climate change in Berlin from
November 28 to December 7. During the exchange, Europe's role after the
rundown of the Kyoto-Protocol will be discussed, focusing on the
intra-European situation and the global situation, the latter which will
include calls for solidarity from the South and the EU's relation vis-a-vis
newly developing countries such as India and China. Whether Europe will take
a leading position or whether it will be worn down by these and other
international entanglements will be the central issue. A call for prep team
members and participants will be sent out shortly.

*Training in Germany on Green Economics*

FYEG, The Green Economics Institute, The European Network of Green Seniors
and The Green European Foundation are organising a Green Economics Training
in Berlin from December 12 to 14. The training will consist of two working
days full of lectures, workshops and working groups. We plan to use a wide
range of both formal and non-formal educational tools with an emphasis on
interactive learning methods. Aside from deepening and widening knowledge,
the seminar also specifically aims at skills-building. Discussions about
economic principles will enable participants to enhance their capabilities
in debating and speaking in public. This will also allow them to campaign in
a more efficient manner in 2009. A call for prep team members and
participants will be sent out shortly.

*2. Statements and press material*

*FYEG congratulates Swiss Young Greens for SUV Ban Initiative*

The Swiss Young Greens, full member organisation of the Federation of Young
European Greens, have managed to raise around 150,000 signatures to push
forward a referendum on banning large vehicles from Swiss roads. The
legislation in Switzerland permits popular initiatives, that is to say
calling on the population to vote in a referendum for issues that draw over
100,000 signatures. If accepted by the people, the Government must enforce
the legislative change.

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=494&Itemid=1>

*FYEG welcomes the adoption of a Horizontal Anti-Discrimination Directive

The European Commission adopted a proposal for a directive which would
ensure protection from discrimination on the grounds of age, disability,
sexual orientation and belief or religion beyond the workplace. This is a
great step forward, as it extends protection from discrimination to areas
such as health care, education, access to social protection and social
security to mention but a few. While millions of Europeans continue to face
discrimination on various grounds and in different areas of their lives,
this directive comes in the support of the commitment of EU institutions to
effect a discrimination-free Europe.

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=491&Itemid=1>

*FYEG affirms its concerns about the conflicting messages of the French

Marina Barbalata, Co-Spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens
(FYEG), states: "FYEG is particularly concerned about this Presidency's
measures on immigration. We find it appalling that messages such as "The
French presidency will focus on the fight against crime and immigration",
according to the Secretary of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet,
can be iterated without any response in a EU claiming to be concerned to the
respect of human rights  The criminalization of immigration that the French
president seems so eager to put through is now further endorsed by the
adoption of the Shame Directive in the European Parliament. Under these
circumstances, FYEG is worried about the prospects of a possible adoption of
a European Immigration Pact that would further transform Europe in a closed
fortress. We therefore call for all civil society organizations, as well as
political groups that hold the respect for human rights above economic
protectionism to raise their voices against such measures."

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=490&Itemid=1>

More political statements can be found at the Spokespersons' Blog at

*EC reports*

The Executive Committee held its first meeting since the GA in Brussels in
June. Next meeting will be in Bratislava from September 12 to 14.

Individual EC reports can be found

*3. News from Member Organisations*

*Asociaţia Verzii (The Romanian Young Greens) on the conflict in Georgia*

Asociaţia Verzii participated in a march together with Asociaţia Pro
Democraţia (Pro Democracy Association) and 16 NGOs on Wednesday, August 13,
2008. The march for peace in Georgia brought together a flash-mob in front
of the Russian Embassy.

Read more at http://asociatiaverzii.blogspot.com/

*4. News from European Green Party/Green Group and others*

*European Greens demand that EU takes a tough and unified stance in relation
to Russia*

EGP Co-Spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek, who is also the Austrian Green Party's
parliamentary spokesperson on foreign and security policy, said: "What is
clear is that by unilaterally recognising the independence of Abkhazia and
South Ossetia, the Russians are not only breaking international law but are
also making a mockery of the ceasefire agreement which they claimed to be
committed to. This is completely unacceptable behaviour which will only
exacerbate the tensions in the Caucasus. It is now imperative that the EU
institutions and member states take a very firm and unified stance in
relation to Russia. We welcome the fact that the French Presidency has
called an emergency summit in Brussels next Monday but the leaders meeting
there must not waste the opportunity to send a clear and unequivocal message
to the Russian government: that Russia is risking doing great damage to its
relationship with the EU and the international community in general. "

Read more<http://www.europeangreens.org/cms/default/dok/247/247274._european_greens_demand_that_eu_takes_a@en.htm>

*Switzerland to Hold Referendum on High Polluting Vehicle Ban following
campaign by Young Greens*

Switzerland looks likely to hold a referendum in the next 18 months on
whether to ban the largest and/or most-polluting vehicles after a successful
lobbying battle by environmental campaigners, according to Reuters. The
newswire reports that all cars emitting more than 250 g/km carbon dioxide
(CO2) would be banned, along with those weighing more than 2.2 tonnes.
Campaigners also want all diesel cars sold in the country to be fitted with
a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and all vehicles to have safer front ends
in order to protect pedestrians. It quotes the country's "Young Green" party
as announcing yesterday that it has received 120,000 verified signatures in
support of a referendum on the subject, although the Federal Treasury still
needs to validate those figures. Under Swiss law, 1,000 valid signatures
must be obtained in order for a referendum to be forced.

"Our initiative slows global warming, protects cyclists, pedestrians and
children, stops the arms race on the streets, reduces pollution and is still
reasonable," the website of the Young Green party apparently states. Under
the ban, vehicles which have already been sold and registered in Switzerland
could still be driven but would be subject to a speed limit of 100 km/h, the
report said. Significance: The organisers of this campaign appear to have
targeted large and heavy sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and luxury sports
cars with large engines in particular. There can be no doubt that across the
whole of Europe growing environmental concern is beginning to dent the
relative attractiveness of certain vehicle concepts. In its latest European
sales forecast, Global Insight notes that "in particular, SUVs stand out as
an increasingly unviable vehicle choice in a climate of rising fuel prices,
widening CO2 taxation and growing environmental concern." However, this may
not spell bad news for all SUVs as many more models are expected to arrive
over the coming few years which are likely to adopt a more lifestyle and
less agricultural approach to SUV design, such as the Nissan Qashqai.

*Rebecca Wright, Global Insight Daily Analysis, 26 August 2008*

*Olympics characterised by broken promises to respect human rights*

EGP Co-Spokesperson Philippe Lamberts said: "The 2008 Summer Olympics were a
not-to-be-missed opportunity for the Chinese authorities to demonstrate that
change was underway in China. While it would be naïve and unrealistic to
expect instant democracy from China, the Olympics  offered a perfect
occasion to welcome the free expression of dissent and an open debate on the
urgent challenges - soaring inequalities, environmental destruction, -
facing Chinese society in the 21st century. Similarly, the Olympics gave
China a perfect opportunity to be a showcase of sustainability, in terms of
construction, of mobility, of energy production and consumption. In all
those respects, the hopes of all those in China who aspire to a democratic,
open, just and sustainable society have been severely disappointed. In terms
of human rights, the Chinese authorities claimed that China hosting the
Olympics would lead to a real and significant improvement in the human
rights situation in China. In reality, as we Greens and many human rights
organisations feared, the opposite has proved to be the case and these
Olympic Games have been characterised by an increase in human rights abuses
including  forced evictions, arrests, detention and intimidation of critics
of the government and human rights activists and the harassment of
journalists and media professionals."

Read more<http://www.europeangreens.org/cms/default/dok/246/246478.olympics_characterised_by_broken_promise@en.htm>

*5. Calendar*


EC Meeting, September 12-14, Bratislava, Slovakia

Communications Training, September 19-21, Brussels, Belgium


General Assembly of DWARS (The Netherlands), October 5-6, The Hague

European Green Party Council Meeting, October 10-12, Paris, France

CDN Network Meeting, October 17-19, Belgrade, Serbia

9th General Assembly of Joves d'Esquerra Verda (Catalonia), October 25-26,
El Prat del Llobregat

*6. Technical section*

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