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Tue Sep 9 20:53:52 CEST 2008

Dear Greens,

CDN – Cooperation and Development Network in Eastern Europe – Gender group
is making a new database, in order to evaluate our capacities, to tail new
members and make a good base for future work.

If you want to join our activities, or just to follow our work and be
informed via mailing lists, please send an e-mail on vesna at cdnee.org.

Below you can find some basic infos about the CDN Gender Group and our
activities so far. If you want to find out more about it, you can visit


 Gender Group was formed as a result of the CDN's previous work on gender
issues. Through it we are trying to rise awareness of problems related to
gender issues and developed efficient tools that can contribute to solving
Recognizing and understanding the factors that generate and encourage the
use of gender stereotypes, misunderstood traditions, lethargy and lack of
information on gender issues are just a few of the problems we focus
through our activities promoting education, involvement and activism.

  Until now our work was based on international seminars and study
sessions, as much as on education activities. Our first project was
"Sexual ®evolution" seminar held in 2005, which was soon followed by the
study session "Gender revolution", aimed at enhancing the
capacity of young NGO activists from all over Europe. The following year
was dedicated to the educational process, when we came up with a series of
publications to raise awareness on gender issues.
Our aim was to unriddle basic terms about problems and work on gender
issues, to explain the importance of the topic for building sustainable
society and to indicate possible solutions for dealing with
gender issues. We consider our work so far to be a basis for future work
on the gender issue because we have concluded that, for this region -
South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus- a different approach on this issue
has to be taken. We have concluded that the most efficient way to deal
with the situation in this region is by means of education on several
levels – gender issues at home, at school, at work and at decision- making
levels. As a follow up of these activities we organized in 2007 another
seminar,”Women in contemporary society-The ladder of inequalities".

 By working with our member organizations, as much as with other young
people willing to deal with these problems, we are trying to reach more
and more young people.
We believe that the negative connotations and the state of gender issues
and feminism in Eastern Europe, and wider, will change only when both
genders become more involved in the work.

If you are young, initiative and willing to get involved – join us!!!!!!

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