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Sat Oct 25 15:47:22 CEST 2008

For all the the organisations that have shown their interest, please  
do send your application, we are running out of time!!


Carolina. MO coordination


Call for partner organisations

For the FYEG "Young Partners united for Youth Participation" Seminars

Without participation there is no democracy. Without the possibility  
for all members of society to participate in the political processes  
which in turn shape the society, the democratic order lacks the  
legitimacy and support needed for its political decisions.
Although participative democracy is a fundamental cornerstone of all  
modern European countries, there are still many problems which face  
the ideal of a fully participative democracy. This is especially felt  
by young Europeans, who are now and in the near future the prime  
recipients of many decisions made by politicians who are currently in  

Within the EU, youth participation in the European political domain is  
quite low despite many initiatives launched by the European institutes  
and other stakeholders. For example, only 30,5% of all 21-25 year-olds  
in Germany voted in the European Parliament elections of 2004,  
compared to 51,9% of all 60+ year-olds. Young Europeans seem to be  
unaware of and not interested in the political domain of the EU and  
furthermore have little interest
to become actively interested in the political debate, regardless of  
the importance of youth involvement in the ideal of participative  

Other countries outside the European Union are facing similar problems. Former
communist-ruled countries in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe are  
still struggling with the transition to a democratic system. Many  
young citizens in these countries are willing but unable to  
participate in the political debate because of lack of resources,  
information or possibilities. Other youth do not have the training,  
tools or experience to participate. Finally, some young citizens share  
a mistrust towards governmental institutions; for example, one study  
showed that only 7% of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina believe they  
could have any influence on political activities in their countries.

The Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) wishes to confront  
these problems by organising two similar and linked Youth Seminars.  
Each seminar will provide a platform for youth from many European  
countries to learn from each other and from experts on how to  
successfully participate in the political domain. Not only through the  
sharing of theoretical knowledge, but also through practical  
experience in the form of a political simulation game. This game has  
been applied before by the FYEG and has proved highly successful in  
activating youth participation and understanding of the political  

The first seminar, to be co-organised by the Spanish Young Greens and  
the Serbian Young Greens, will take place in Spain in May of 2009 and  
involve 4 other organisations; 2 inside and 2 outside the EU. The  
second seminar, to be organised by the Finnish Young Greens and the  
Russian Young Greens, will take place in Finland in May of 2009 and  
involve 4 other organisations; 2 inside and 2 outside the EU. The  
seminars will last for six days, from Wednesday (arrival day) to  
Monday (departure day).

FYEG is thus looking for 4 EU Member Organisations and 4 non-EU Member  
Organisations wishing to participate in these events. Partners will be  
chosen based on geographical position and motivation to participate in  
these seminars. So please provide us with a small motivation of about  
10 lines when showing your interest for these seminars. Please sent us  
your application to office at fyeg.org by Tuesday the 28th of October!

Finally, please note that this seminar will not include a Prep Team  
Meeting. A Prep Team will be formed, but it will cooperate and  
communicate through the use of email and (Skype) phone conferences.  
Financial details are as usual, meaning that participants will get up  
to 70% of their travel expenses reimbursed while the accommodation and  
meals are covered by the hosting organisation. Their might be a small  
(geographically) balanced participant fee, but this will not exceed 30  
EUR per person.

With best regards,

Paul Santman - FYEG Campaign Coordinator
Carolina Lopez - FYEG MO Coordinator

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