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Hello everybody,
if anybody is interested, just take part!

*There is a training course** 4.3 about the 
mentoring-coaching-disadvanteged youth* topic in Hungary in *14-20 
*So those who are interested in write urgently :*
Endre Kiss
edelavju at gmail.com <mailto:edelavju at gmail.com>
you can see the longer invitation below!

*Theme of the training course*

What is the role of a "coach"? What are the tasks when coaching? What 
kind of competences - knowledge, skills and attitudes - the persons 
needs when coaching youth groups? What methods and techniques should 
coach use? What are the differences and similarities between coaching 
and mentoring? Who is a mentor and who is a coach? Why the coaching is 
needed? What are the features of coaching? When the coaching comes into 
the play when young people are realising their idea? How the coaching 
process should be done?

What are your personal characteristics when you are coaching? How 
supervising can help you to realise your strengths and weaknesses? What 
are the specialities of coaching dealing with young people with fewer 
opportunities? How can you adapt the methodology of coaching to your group?


*Overall aim of the training course*

Our overall aim is to understand the role, functions and competences of 
coach within "Youth in Action" projects, gaining self-knowledge about 
the participants' own personal coaching styles and moreover to 
understand the special needs of coaching of young people with fewer 
opportunities. The Training Course is supported by EU "YOUTH in ACTION" 
programme (Action 4.3).


*Organiser of the training course*

Tessedik Samuel Főiskola Hallgatóiért Közhasznú Egyesület

Sztojka Mónika

5600 Békéscsaba

Bajza utca 33.


*Partners of the training course:*

Youth for Participation Association, YOPA - Szeged, Hungary

Artist of Life Youth Association - Gárdony, Hungary

Tessedik Samuel Főiskola Hallgatóiért Közhasznú Egyesület, Gyula, Hungary



*Learning objectives of the training course are:*

- To increase self-awareness and self-knowledge of youth leaders, youth 
workers and young people on coaching;

- To understand the needs and potential the young people have, when 
realising their ideas in practice;

- To raise awareness and develop attitudes to ensure active 
participation of young people at personal level and at community level;

- To train youth leaders and youth workers on ways of coaching methods 
and techniques used during different phases of the coaching;

- To adapt the methods taught to the special local target group the 
participant personally work with;

- To transmit knowledge regarding coaching with special groups of young 
people (those of living under state care, having learning or behavioural 
problems, are ethnic minorities in a majority society etc.);

- To sensitize the participants towards the importancy of supervising 
their working style and show some methods to realize it.

- To reflect on participants' experiences and create recommendations for 
coaching within the programme "Youth in Action";


*The methodology of the training course:*

The course is designed as an open learning process based on 
participants' experience and exchange. The training course will follow 
the non-formal education approach. A combination of the different 
creative and interactive methods will be used by the trainers' team and 
designed upon the profile of participants. The learning of new skills, 
the acquisition of knowledge and the exchange and challenge of each 
other's attitude and experience are very important for this training course.

Some of the examples of methods that are going to be used in this 
training course:

-                      outdoor activities

-                      methodology of education through sport

-                      individual and group activities

-                      work on practical examples in a small groups

-                      thematic workshops

-                      role plays

-                      theoretical inputs

-                      discussions on follow - up and activities after 
this training course.

The entire course is designed as a mutual learning process in which, 
using diverse methods, participants can compare their approaches and 
experiences with youth work and Youth in Action programme. Trainers will 
establish a theoretical framework and common reference points for 
learning and communication in this course, and they will also provide a 
framework where participants will be able to exchange their experiences 
and to develop new ideas. The course methodology foresees direct 
involvement of the youth and youth work organisations that will be 
present at the training course.

The course programme and contents are organised to allow for the maximum 
participation of the group using active and participatory methods. The 
participants should be ready to also work with their personal attitudes 
and characteristics.


*Who can participate in the training course*

- Aged between 18 and â Ś

- Youth workers, directly working with young people, having experience 
of running and/or supporting at least one youth project in local, 
regional, national or transnational level in the frame of YOUTH in 
ACTION programme;

- Young people (peers) working with a group of youngsters;

- Ready to take part in the whole training course;

- Are able to communicate English.


*Eligible countries: *

Austria, Estonia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey


*Financial conditions:*

TESHA Association will provide board, lodging and programme costs during 
entire training course. 70% of travel costs will be covered by 
organisers of the course.

We ask for your contribution to this training course, which is:

-          30% of your travel costs;

-          Participation fee of 20 Euros.

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