[fyeg_gen-l] GYG needs a contact!

Georg P Köšssler georg1221 at yahoo.de
Fri Oct 3 03:20:46 CEST 2008

Hi folks,

on behalf of the GLOBAL YOUNG GREENS, I'd like to write you that we have 
introduced a "system" of GYG-Contacts. While some countries and 
organisations are very active (thank you!), it is hard to get a hold on 
some others. We want to have a list of people from all countries - one 
or two each - that we can contact in case we have specific questions. 
Also, people from around the world might want to connect to you and 
don't get a reply over one of the lists... we could help.
As I wrote already: most of you are very well organised. We do not need 
a "contact" from countries like Germany or Sweden who have people voted 
specificly for the purpose of communication with the outside world. But 
we do not have any idea of some place.

So please, if you are sitting in your country and you are an active and 
connected green, send me (georg.koessler at gruene-jugend.de) an eMail with 
your NAME, COUNTRY/REGION and E-MAIL. Don't be shy!

We hope this will help connect us all better - not just the structural 
strong regions.

Good night and good (green) fight!

Georg for the GYG-Steering Committee

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