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From: Mark Howard [mailto:Mark at earthcorps.org] 
Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2008 9:18 PM
To: Ognyan Kovachev
Subject: EarthCorps: now accepting international applications

Dear Ogi:


I'm contacting you because you had previously shown interest in EarthCorps
international programs. EarthCorps recently received funding to increase the
participation of Eastern and Central Europeans environmental leaders in our
programs. I would like to ask for assistance in getting the word out to any
Bulgarian contacts you might in the environmental field. 


EarthCorps offers a 6-month service learning program in Seattle, Washington,
USA that brings together emerging environmental leaders to learn the
fundamentals of: 

*	Environmental Service 

*	Community Building 

*	Leadership 


EARTHCORPS CHARGES NO TUITION OR FEES for its services and in fact supplies
insurance, individual homestay families, food, gear and a monthly stipend to
all international participants.  A $1,500 airfare scholarship will also be
available to all selected participants from Eastern and Central Europe.
EarthCorps provides additional support in acquiring US J-1 Trainee visas.


EarthCorps has established the following minimum criteria to be considered
for the program:

*        18-25 years of age

*        Conversational English

*        No Criminal Record

*        Physically fit with a desire to work outdoors


BEFORE YOU NOMINATE please note that EarthCorps is required by the US
government to ensure that every applicant meets strict criteria in order to
qualify for a US J-1 Trainee visa. Before you nominate please make sure your
candidates meet the following minimum criteria: 

*        4 year college degree in the environmental field and 1 year of
relevant work experience*


*        5 years of work experience in the environmental field*


* These criteria are only for meeting US government regulations regarding
the J-1 Trainee visa. 



*        Candidate Nomination Dead Line: November 28, 2008

*        Applicant Application Dead Line: December 31, 2008

*        Participant selection: January 2009

*        Visa processing: February - April  2009

*        Travel confirmation: May 2009

*        EarthCorps Program starting date: June 2, 2009

*        EarthCorps Program graduation: December 9, 2009



Candidates should be referred to EarthCorps by an environmental organization
(i.e. NGO, community group or student club). Materials are available online
at: http://www.earthcorps.org/join_international.php.


Please feel free to contact me via email: mark at earthcorps.org if you have
any questions or concerns.


Thank you for your support!





Mark Howard

International Program Manager, Responsible Officer


6310 NE 74th St., Suite 201E

Seattle, Washington 98115 USA

+1-206-322-9296 ext. 224 office

+1-206-322-9312 fax

email: mark at earthcorps.org



From: Ognyan Kovachev [mailto:ogniancho at contact.bg] 
Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2005 4:33 PM
To: Mark Howard
Subject: application information for Ogi
Importance: High


Dear Mark


My name is Ognyan Kovachev, among my friends I am just Ogi. I am from


I am interested in participating in the training course which EarthCorps is
offering to international participants. I read the information on your web
site and I cover all the requirements and qualifications. I am very
motivated, young worker acting in the field of ecology, sustainable youth
and development. I am a member of Youth Club of Bulgarian Green Party. We
are full members of the Federation of Young European Greens (www.fyeg.org)
which gathers nearly 30 MOs from all the different regions of Europe. 


I am active member in the Bulgaria Greens for more than 6 years but I have
more than 9 years of experience in the field of ecology and environmental
protection. I participated in more than 10 international activities
including seminars, study sessions, trainings and camps. For example in
Check republic in 2003 we had a summer camp in Sumava forest, there we were
in the forest, discussing the problems caused by the bark beetle in the
region, there we had an action for cleaning the dead trees around. In 2004
we had a Summer Camp at Ohrid Lake in Macedonia. There we we had an action
for cleaning up the lake shore from the garbage which was left by the
tourists. This summer we had our Summer Camp at the Black sea shore in
Romania where we did a clean up of the beach and the sea shore. 


In Bulgaria I took part in numerous activities including tree planting and
reforestation in the biggest parks in Bulgaria including Environmental park
"Vitosha", National park "Rila" and others. Frequently we are performing
clean up on a local and national level of illegal garbage dumps, beaches,
mountains and other activities, involving not only the youth. We regularly
do a marking and labeling of the trails in the mountains. 


I would like to ask what is the deadline for application, what specific
documents do you need me to submit and what are my chances, according to the
information I gave above.


Best regards



 <http://ogniancho.hit.bg/> Ognyan Kovachev

ICQ# 28161626



jk. Iztok, 4 Pier Degeitar Street
bl.1, floor 19, apt.73
Sofia 1113

 <mailto:ogniancho at contact.bg> ogniancho at contact.bg
 <http://ogniancho.hit.bg/> http://ogniancho.hit.bg 


+359 2 9717276
+359 89 8823316 


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