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Official information from FYEG and CDN

1. Upcoming activities:

- FALAFEL seminar in Turkey entitled Youth for Peace
- Youth exchange in Slovenia on Regionalism in Europe
- Youth exchange in Poland on Climate Change
- Training in Germany on Economics
- Study Session in Hungary on Time Managment and Youth Participation

2. Statements and press material

- PR: Young European Greens rally for an inclusive Europe during the
European Social Forum
- PR: Young European Greens will defend their Digital Rights
- PR: Young European Greens Furious about Greenwashing Campaigns
- PR: Young European Greens call for a sustainable solution to the global
financial crisis
- New EC for CDN
- EC reports

3. News from Member Organisations of FYEG

- New board for Grüne Jugend (Finland)
- New board for ViNO (Finland)

4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others

- EGP Council Meeting
- EGP: EU Member States Must Not Be Allowed to Water Down Climate and Energy
- EGP: US Election Result Is A Victory of Hope Over Fear
- GG's Climate campaign newsletter

5. Calendar

6. Technical section

If you have material that you want to be distributed in the FYEG network,
please send it to Communications Officer Teo Kortman (teo at fyeg.org).


*1. Upcoming acitivities*

*FALAFEL seminar in Turkey entitled Youth for Peace*

The FALAFEL network, of which the FYEG is member, will organise a seminar
entitled Youth for Peace in Istanbul from November 19 to 23. The aim of this
exchange is to promote an understanding of peace as something else than the
absence of war, the understanding of peace as a state of interaction and
communication that it is worth striving for and to bring young people
together who want to work together for a more peaceful society.

*Youth exchange in Slovenia on Regionalism in Europe*

FYEG is organising a youth exchange entitled Regionalism in Europe in Tolmin
from November 23 to 30. A prep team meeting has been held in October. The
aim of this seminar is to define what constitutes identity and a shared
sense of belonging; the positive aspects of integration rather than
assimilation; the rights of a nation within a state; European attitudes to
regional languages and their contribution to the European cultural heritage.

*Youth exchange in Poland on Climate Change*

FYEG is organising a youth exchange on climate change in Poznan from
November 28 to December 7. During the exchange, Europe's role after the
rundown of the Kyoto-Protocol will be discussed, focusing on the
intra-European situation and the global situation, the latter which will
include calls for solidarity from the South and the EU's relation vis-a-vis
newly developing countries such as India and China. Whether Europe will take
a leading position or whether it will be worn down by these and other
international entanglements will be the central issue.

*Training in Germany on Green Economics*

FYEG, The Green Economics Institute, The European Network of Green Seniors
and The Green European Foundation are organising a Green Economics Training
in Berlin from December 12 to 14. The training will consist of two working
days full of lectures, workshops and working groups. We plan to use a wide
range of both formal and non-formal educational tools with an emphasis on
interactive learning methods. Aside from deepening and widening knowledge,
the seminar also specifically aims at skills-building. Discussions about
economic principles will enable participants to enhance their capabilities
in debating and speaking in public. This will also allow them to campaign in
a more efficient manner in 2009.

*Study Session in Hungary on Time Managment and Youth Participation*

FYEG and the Cooperation and Development Network for Eastern Europe (CDN) is
organising a Study Session in Budapest from January 16-23, 2009. The topic
of this Study Session will be ' Time Managment and Youth Participation'.
Application forms and further information can be requested by writing to
battal at fyeg.org.

*2. Statements and press material*

*Young European Greens rally for an inclusive Europe during the European
Social Forum*

FYEG took actively part in the European Social Forum, held in Malmö (Sweden)
from September 18 to 21. Apart from participating in different workshops and
panels, the young Greens went to the streets of Malmö to demonstrate against
the selective migration policies of the EU.

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=496&Itemid=1>
Young European Greens will defend their Digital Rights*

The European Parliament adopted in first reading, on September 24, the
Telecom Package – a group of measures meant to update the Telecommunications
Framework Directive. This new packet aims to create a single EU Telecom
Market which is supposed to reinforce the rights of telecommunications
consumers in Europe. But the Harbour Report, a part of the Telecom Package,
contains several articles which are clearly out of scope. Instead of
defending consumers, they are a back-door attempt, supported by
conservatives, liberals, and socialists, to help shutting down P2P networks.
That's why these articles have been labelled the "Torpedo Amendments".

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=497&Itemid=1>

*Young European Greens Furious about Greenwashing Campaigns*

The phenomenon of greenwashing has been increasing at rapid pace recently.
Companies are more and more promoting how "green" they are through ambiguous
advertisements and campaigns that mix their activities with vague concepts
associated to a clean environment. In last couple of years a shift has
finally occurred in the public opinion - from denying the existence of
climate change to the belief that the environment and the climate are
crucial aspects of our lives and of the lives of generations to come.
Therefore, environmental care has become a competitive criterion and hence a
marketing area for corporations, that now engage themselves in a fierce
battle to project the most environmental friendly image.

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=499&Itemid=1>
Young European Greens call for a sustainable solution to the global
financial crisis*

The international financial crisis that has hit the global economy has not
taken the Green economists by surprise. Greens have been advocating for
years that the capitalist economic model, based on unlimited growth, is an
unsustainable one. Growth cannot be limitless and the current financial
crisis has come to prove this. Young Greens demand from the European Heads
of State, meeting informally to prepare the international conference on the
financial crisis on the 15th of November, to look at the roots of the
problem. The crisis comes from within the system, and only a change in the
system can lead to a sustainable economy.

Read more<http://www.fyeg.org/cms/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=500&Itemid=1>

*More political statements can be found at the Spokespersons' Blog at

*New EC for CDN*

CDN's 6th annual Network Meeting took place in Belgrade on October 17-19. It
gathered delegates from member and partner organizations: Revolt (Bosnia and
Herzegovina), Associatia Verzii (Romania), Youth Club of Green Party
(Bulgaria), Young Greens (Turkey), Zelena Omladina )(Serbia), Grüne Jugend
(Germany), Zala Alternativa (Latvia), Young Greens (Poland), DEM – Mladi
(Macedonia) and Young Greens (Albania). There were also representatives of
sister organization FYEG and applying organizations Young Greens (Georgia)
and Youth of Green List (Croatia). As the mandate of Executive Committee
ended, a new EC was elected. Irina Dragan (Associatia Verzii, Romania),
Tamuna Zandukeli (Young Greens, Georgia), Vesna Jusup (Zelena Omaldina,
Srbija), Marina Dragomiretzkaya (Youth Club of Green Party, Bulgaria) and
Gordan Isabegović (Revolt, Bosnia and Herzegovina) were elected EC members.

Read more<http://www.cdnee.org/activities-mainmenu-36/16-organisational-activities/136>

*EC reports*

The Executive Committee held its second meeting in Bratislava (Slovakia) in
September. Next meeting will be in Edinburgh (Scotland) from January 16 to

Individual EC reports can be found

*3. News from Member Organisations*

*New board for Grüne Jugend (Germany)*

At its General Assembly from October 31 to November 2, Grüne Jugend elected
a new board: Kathrin Henneberger (Spokesperson), Max Löffler (Spokesperson),
Fabian Renk (Treasurer), Gesine Agena (Ecology), Sophia Reintcke
(International), Terry Reintcke (Female politics), Julia Fuchs
(International, Ecology), Stefan Lange (Education, Democracy), Max Pichl
(Education and magazine). Julia Löffler continues as Secretary General.
New board for ViNO (Finland)*

At its General Assembly on the weekend of November 8 and 9, ViNO elected a
new board. New Spokespersons are Erkki Perälä and Sini Terävä, board members
are Touko Aalto, Fatim Diarra, Reija Eerola, Kerttu Hakala, Mari Kekkonen,
Johanna Kesti, Heidi Meriläinen ja Heikki Sairanen. Jehki Härkönen continues
as Secretary General.

*4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others*
EGP Council Meeting*

The EGP held its 9th Council Meeting in Montreuil (France) on October 9-12.
All adopted resolutions can be found
EGP: EU Member States Must Not Be Allowed to Water Down Climate and Energy

The Spokespersons of the European Green Party have severely criticised
several EU Member States for attempting to backtrack on many of the key CO2
emission reduction targets contained in the EU's climate and energy package.
EGP Co-Spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek said: "During the EU Environment Council
in Luxembourg on Monday 20th October, several Environment Ministers, led by
those of Poland and Italy, attempted to weaken the EU's targets for
reductions in carbon emissions. By doing so, those governments have clearly
shown that they put the short-term interests of certain industries ahead of
the need to prevent the most disastrous impacts of climate change . The
irresponsible behaviour of those member states occurred on the same day that
a new report from the highly respected ngo WWF revealed that climate change
is accelerating at a quicker rate than previously predicted by the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) .This report offers yet more
evidence of how vital it is that EU Member states commit to an emission
reduction target of at least 30% below 1990 levels by 2020 , regardless of
whether or not other leading economies in the world also make this
commitment. We also agree with Daniel Cohn-Bendit, co-president of the
Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament, that President Nicholas
Sarkozy, as representative of the current French Presidency of the EU, has
made a potentially very costly mistake by postponing the decision on
adoption of the Climate and Energy Package to the next European Council in
December, where individual member states will be allowed to derail the whole
process by using their right of veto."

Read more<http://www.europeangreens.org/cms/default/dok/254/254983.eu_member_states_must_not_be_allowed_to@en.htm>

*EGP: US Election Result Is A Victory of Hope Over Fear*

The Spokespersons of the European Green Party today congratulated the
President-elect of the United States Barack Obama on his victory in the US
Presidential elections. EGP Co- Spokesperson Ulrike Lunacek said: "On behalf
of the European Greens, I would like to warmly congratulate President-elect
Barack Obama on his election victory, which is historic and will inspire
millions of people, both in the United States and throughout the world. The
significance of the election of the first African American President of the
US is not restricted to that country as it will inspire minorities elsewhere
in the world, including in Europe. We European politicians should ask, as a
matter of urgency, what can be done to improve the political representation
of ethnic and other minorities in Europe. We European Greens can learn a lot
from these elections as we approach the European elections next year,
particularly in terms of how the Democrats' campaign managed to appeal to
people's desire for change and reached out to millions of people who had
previously felt excluded from the political process. "

Read more<http://www.europeangreens.org/cms/default/dok/256/256674.us_election_result_is_a_victory_of_hope@en.htm>

The 16th issue of the Green Group's *Climate campaign newsletter* can be
found here<http://www.greens-efa.org/cms/default/dok/256/256410.climate_campaign_newsletter@en.htm>

*5. Calendar*


FALAFEL seminar, November 19-23, Istanbul, Turkey
Regionalism seminar, November 23-30, Tolmin, Slovenia
Youth exchange on climate change, November 28-December 7, Poznan, Poland


Training on Green economics, December 12-14, Berlin, Germany


EC Meeting, January 16-18, Edinburgh, Scotland
Study Session on Time Managment and Youth Participation, January 16-23,
Budapest, Hungary

6. Technical section

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