[fyeg_gen-l] Polish Greens invite you to Poznan for COP 14

Ola Kretkowska cergowa at o2.pl
Wed Nov 5 17:12:21 CET 2008

Dear Greens & Friends,
The *United Nations Climate Change Conference - COP 14* will take place 
in Poznan, Poland in December this year (1-12.12.2008, check 
www.mos.gov.pl/cop14 <http://www.mos.gov.pl/cop14> and 
www.poznan.pl/cop14 <http://www.poznan.pl/cop14>). The conference is 
closed to the general public, however, a number of alternative events 
focusing on environmental issues and open to the public will be taking 
place in Poznan during the conference. During the second week of the 
conference, 5-12 December, the Polish Greens will be organising a 
*series of debates* in Poznan.
We warmly invite you to come to Poznan during this week. Those who 
cannot come for a whole week really should come for the weekend of 5-6 
December  :) On Saturday 6th December there will be a large 
*demonstration* in Poznan as part of *Global Action Day* 6.12: 
http://www.globalclimatecampaign.org. On this day, people all over the 
world will be raising awareness of the political challenges brought by 
climate change. The largest demonstration will take place in Poznan 
under the noses of the delegates of the Conference! We therefore 
encourage everyone to come to Poznan on this day.
The Polish Greens will be sending further information about the events 
planned for COP 14. Updated information will be available on our 
website: www.cop14.zieloni2004.pl <http://www.cop14.zieloni2004.pl/> 
(starting soon). In the meantime we would like to gather first estimates 
of how many people are coming to Poznan in order to help you find 

Getting to Poznan is not difficult.
There is an international airport - Lawica, served by cheap airlines 
such as Wizzair, Ryanair and Centralwings.
There are also trains and buses which go into the city centre. There is 
a particularly good rail connection with Berlin (4 hours on the train). 
You can find railway route planner in English/German/French here:
Useful tourist information in English:

The logistics of this may be a little complicated as Poznan will be full 
of delegates and guests and hotels are already rather full  ;)  You can 
try to ask for hotel at WTC, Central Accommodation Coordinator for the 
COP 14:
For those who have not yet made sleeping arrangements and search for an 
inexpensive place, we have organized accommodation in the gym halls of 
two schools in the city centre. It is
possible to sleep there from 5-7 December, i.e. over the entire weekend 
(from Friday 5th December until the evening of Sunday 7th December). The 
schools have been especially reserved for people coming to Poznan for 
the demonstration. At the moment there are 2 x 200 sleeping places 
available, but the city will make more schools available if there is a need.
The standard of the accommodation - it is in a school, sleeping will be 
on the floor and you should bring camping mats and sleeping bags with 
you. Washing facilities (toilets, washbasins, showers) will be available 
as well as some rooms with tables and chairs. It will of course be 
possible to connect electrical equipment and a computer room with 
internet access may also be available.
Price: 15 zl (Polish zlotys) per person per day payable on the day of 
arrival in cash (15 zl is approximately 4 euros). The schools can not 
provide you invoice for your accommodation. As a confirmation of your 
payment you will receive simple receipt. 
Please contact Aleksandra Kretkowska to reserve a place there: 
ola.kretkowska at zieloni2004.pl <mailto:ola.kretkowska at zieloni2004.pl>
In the case of a groups it is best to make a group reservation.
The Poznan Greens will try to ensure as many sleeping places in their 
own flats as possible. However, priority will be given to people who 
have special needs and who for whatever reason cannot sleep in the 
schools, for example due to disability or arriving with a small child
etc. Due to the huuuge number of people coming for the weekend of 5-7 
December, we would like to warn you that getting a place to sleep in 
someone's flat will verge on the impossible. So if you can, please 
reserve a place in a school. After the "main" weekend it may get a
little easier.
Write to me if you have any questions.

See you in Poznan,

Best regards,
In the name of the Polish Green Party "Zieloni 2004",
Aleksandra Kretkowska
Zieloni 2004
www.zieloni2004.pl <http://www.zieloni2004.pl>
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