[fyeg_gen-l] Solidarity with the Austrian repression victims!

Janine Wulz janine.wulz at gruene.at
Fri May 30 18:25:41 CEST 2008

Dear friends!

On the 4th of june there is the Global solidarity action day!

You might know, that there have been 10 animal rights activists imprisoned in
the last week in Austria. 

We need to fight against this repression system!

Please help us, orgnaize actions (also after he 4th),collect money,  show your

Find on the following site more informations, most of it is also in english!


If you need any help or more information, please do not hestiate to ask me!

All the best, Janine

The wave of repression which took place last week in Austria was a shock
for everybody. Anger, fear and consternation is what most of us might
The arbitrary behaviour of the austrian police, the criminalization of
people dedicated to animal liberation and the imprisonment of them screams
out for
action! We must show the responsible people and those connected with them
our solidary resistance. What happened in Austria is not only a problem of
austrian people and also not only of animal liberation activists! It is an
alarming strike against inconvenient opponents, which last week affected
austrian animal rights activists and could affect any left person in any
country soon!

Our response has to be a global solidarity throughout the left! That is
why we call out for a global day of action on june 4th, dedicated to the
prisoners. Do anything to show your support and solidarity. Send e-mails
to austrian embassies, phone the embassies and tell them how you feel
about the
repression wave in austria, do demos in front of the embassies, organize
events to collect money for the legal support of the activists
the anti
fur campaign against “Kleider Bauer”, which seems to be the main reason
for the disproportional state repression and which must carry on!

Please use your energy and creativity on the 4th of june to show your
solidarity with the austrian animal liberation prisoners!

We can give you the following information:
- a sample letter which you can e-mail (in german and english)
- a homepage of austrian embassies and consulats
- a list of e-mail addresses
- a list of phone and fax numbers

find more on the homepage:http://antirep2008.lnxnt.org

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