[fyeg_gen-l] How to survive an e-mail distribution list: unsubscribing, sending messages etc.

Héctor hector at jovenesverdes.org
Thu May 15 17:24:58 CEST 2008

It's never too late to remind some main aspects and advices regarding e-lists (admitting I'm one of those not following them always) :-)

1st - Distribution lists easily allow everyone to unsubscribe from them automaticly (for the sake of its administrators..). Normally, there's information on the list and the end of all messages. FYEG-gen list is not different:
list information page
This link will take you to a webpage in which you can unsubscribe, change your address etc. so you don't have to send a message to the whole list.

2nd - Distribution lists are designed so not only humans, but machines as well, can detect their e-mails. This is made by placing the name of the list at the beginning of every message. In this case: "[fyeg_gen-l]". This is very useful because it allows filtering all messages containing [fyeg_gen-l] in the subject to a specific folder in your mailbox like "Emails fyeg" or simply the trash bin. This can be done for most mailboxes. Similarly you can filter all messages which field "To:" contains "fyeg_gen-l at listi.jpberlin.de". In this way messages from lists won't be all over your mailbox and you can keep them in an specific folder to read them later, or forget them, or delete them.

3rd - Mind the subject on all your messages: the subject must reflect the content of the message. That allows people to read only the things and discussions they're interested in. So always pay attention when your clicking on "answer" button to say something that has nothing to do with the message your viewing: change the subject if necessary and delete all unrelated content. It will save time and kilobytes.

4th - Respect the recently approved fyeg netiquette: 1st point in http://www.fyeg.org/cms/images/stories/documents/GA2008/recomstruwg.pdf

5th - Ask always yourself the question "Does all subscribers of the list need to know?" Maybe your message is only intented for one, two, three... concrete people.

6th - If possible, get an e-mail reading application installed and configured in your computer: if your e-mail provider supports POP access or IMAP (i.e. Gmail) you should take advantage of it by using Thunderbird, Kmail or other applications... you can't imagine how better it is!

7th - Keep in mind that e-lists are not perfect: lots of [junk] e-mails, pointless discussions often take place in them... but on the contrary they're great tools for discussion and sharing information! 

8th - Feel free to complete this list :-) 
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