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I think we should support this campaign.

Green greetings,

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From: Jeroen Verhoeven <jeroen.verhoeven at foeeurope.org>
Date: 2008/6/30
Subject: [carfree_network] No Megatrucks

Hi everyone, not exactly about cars (unless you consider them as very big
SUVs) but still about road traffic and a big threat.

Dear everyone,
Giant Trucks (60tons and 25,25 m) are on the move on some European Road and
the Commission is looking into letting them onto all of them. A proposal to
that effect is expected in late summer. In Germany megatrucks were banned
last year. This was the result of a very
successful campaign against trials in several federal states. Friends of the
Earth was part of that campaign together with other environmental and
transport organisations, trade unions, railway associations etc.
Now let's have the megatrucks banned in the entire EU.
On the Campaign Website www.nomegatrucks.eu you can get all relevant
information about Megatrucks and sign your organisation up as a supporter of
the Anti-Megatrucks-Campaign. We are trying to get support from all kinds of
organisations: environmental NGOs, railway organisations, unions etc to form
a broad European Alliance against megatrucks on European roads in order to
put pressure It takes 5 minutes to sign up:
https://www.nomegatrucks.eu/mega-truck-opponents/sign-up/ and doesn't
involve any more work.
Why should you sign up: *if the EU decides to put Megatrucks on European
roads they will come to
your country too
*Mega trucks bring about even more road traffic, more pollution, more
*Mega trucks take more goods off the environmentally better transport
option: the railway
*Mega Trucks are traffic safety risks
*Mega trucks are too heavy and too long for many roads, bridges and
roundabouts in the EU

If you have any questions please contact Viviane Raddatz:
viviane.raddatz at bund.net or +49 30 27586-484.

file a complaint against illegal car advertisements at www.advertiseCO2.eu !

Jeroen Verhoeven
Car Efficiency Campaign
Friends of the Earth Europe
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