[fyeg_gen-l] Russian Anti-nuclear Action Camp 2008

Ivan Ninenko ivan.aka.falkon at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 11:08:42 CEST 2008

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Russian Anti-nuclear Action Camp 2008

Anti-nuclear Action Camp 2008 will be held from 11 to 21 of August. It
will take place near the city of Nizhniy Novgorod (400 km east from

The main topic of the camp is the plan of Russian government to build
36 new nuclear reactors. One of them is going to be build near the
city of Nizhniy Novgorod. Another topic would be nuclear waste imports
to Russia from Europe. Different workshops, seminars and public
protest actions will be organized during the camp.

The camp is organized by Anti-Nuclear Movement of Nizhniy Novgorod,
"Ecodefense!", Youth Human Rights Movement and GROZA (Green

We want to invite participants from all over Europe. You will have a
chance to take part in an effort to stop re-birth of nuclear energy in
Russia. According to latest public polls 78% of Russian population is
against new nuclear power plants. 62% of population in Nizhniy
Novgorod region is against nuclear power plants to be built. This camp
is an attempt to force government to listen to public opinion,
especially on topics which can affect lives of public. We want you to
share your experience with Russian green activists which will come to
this camp from all over the country.

Unfortunately organizers are not able to cover your travel costs. We
are not sure yet if their will be any participation fee for foreign
participants, but even if their will be any, they will not be high in
any case.

Those who are interested in participation in this event we ask to
contact Ivan Ninenko of Organizing Committee (responsible for foreign
participants) by e-mail: ivan.aka.falkon at gmail.com

* If you would like to support organizers of the camp - please contact
Organizing Committee about how to make donation. We do not accept
donations from governments or corporations. Please take into account
that Organizing committee of camp is not asking anyone to send money
over internet. Only organizations mentioned in this letter may accept
donations for the camp.

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