[fyeg_gen-l] call out for the Women and Nature book

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Tue Jun 24 12:22:05 CEST 2008

*Call out for the Women and Nature book

*Women have been making remarkable herstory in green movements in last 20
years. For instance, in Turkey,*

*women are always at the front line against cyanide-gold mining,
anti-nuclear movement, or protesting against*

*genetically modified organisms. At the same time, capitalist globalization
has had detrimental impacts in women's*

*lives; through multinationals or their national allies i.e loosing the
commons, via privatization. Today, although*

*many women have leadership roles in these social struggles, their efforts
have been rendered valueless. The*

*level of invisibility for their struggle means that women have not received
merit for their contribution historically.*

*It is time to record our social herstory and pass it on the generations
that will follow!*

*If you think this struggle is a part of your life, we would like to hear
your voice and your stories: What strikes you*

*to join these movements? What have you gained through these struggles?
Being part of these movements,*

*what sort of impact had on your life?*

*Who can take part in this project?*

*Women from Turkey and women from different countries who have been in
solidarity with women of Turkey, or*

*developing a friendship through our common goals to protect the natural
environment or extending environmental*

*social struggle.*

*What materials to send?*

*It can be about anything from political organising to stories that have
personally empowered you . Sent*

*your **essays, graphics or photographs which reflects your combat and your
genuine experiences. They should be*

*original and not published anywhere else before.*

*Who leads the project?*

*Bilge Contepe: Green activist from Turkey- "Turkey Greens"*

*Interest areas: Green movement, feminism, democracy and peace*

*Emet Degirmenci: Researcher and environmental activist*

*Interest areas: Social ecology, feminism, community develeopment and

*Please Note:*

*• **The project is fully independent. It will be accomplished with ethical
principles and universal values.*

*• **Indigenous women and women from non-English speaking background are
strongly encouraged*

*• **The project is open to women in Turkey as well as women in different
parts of the world*

*• **First edition of this book will be published in Turkish. Then,
publishing it in English will be considered.*

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