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Jiri Jerabek jiri.jerabek at centrum.cz
Wed Feb 20 13:58:06 CET 2008

hi, friends of friend of mine organize this interesting event...

Dear All,
We would like to invite you to the training course focused on how to
identify, eliminate and prevent stereotypes and prejudices through
experiential learning and outdoor education. Course is designed for people
who meet the prejudices and xenophobic attitudes in their work with
and for all who are interested in this topic and could use it. The course
focused on the experiences of participants during the course and on
transmission of these experiences to their clients.

Training course will take place in the south of Czech Republic on 26.7. -

Deadline for avowal to the training course is 20.3.2008

If you are interested in our topic, dont hesitate to contact us and we
send you further instruktion.

We are really looking forward to hearing from you!!!!

Warm greetings from Czech republic!!!!


* *

*Dear All, *

*Do you think that all homosexuals love pink color, boys do not cry and
blond girl are stupid? Join our training course!   *

* *

* *

*Details about the training course: *

* *

*Title: " Smart Blond"*

*Action: *4.3**

*Dates: *Start of training course *July 26th to August 2nd 2008  *(July
is the day of arrival and August  2nd is the day of departure)

*Place: *Close to Strakonice, Czech Republic

*Host country: *Czech Republic (3 participants)

*Host organisation: *o.s.PREVENT

*Target group of participants: *workers with youth, professionals who meet
any kind of differences at  work or daily live, people who are interested
this topic

* *

Total: max 30 participants

Participants must be age: 18 - 99.

* *

*Summary of the project*

The PREVENT association is providing social services in the whole South
Czech region. The main focus in all projects is on drug prevention, but
methods, which we use, are very different as we are trying to cover all
levels of the prevention field. We are active in the primary prevention.
run an experiential courses for school children and students, educative
projects for pedagogues and workers with youth  and training courses for
peer activist. The second part of our programmes is providing social
services for current drug users. We provide exchange programmes for them
well as services for ex-users.

Because of our work , we have a rich experience with prejudices and
stereotypes. We can meet this kind of attitudes in our work every day. We
discovered the way how to identify this kind of thinking and how to
it. We would like to share our experience.

*Main Topic: Prejudices and Stereotypes*

   - How to work with expectation on the other nations.
   - How to deal with the  attitude against a new member states of EU.
   - How to identify soon prejudices of social worker, teachers and
   others  against differences (subkulures of disabled, homosexual,
   inhabitants of development and borders area etc. )
   - The part of Youth exchange programmes in prevention of xenofoby
   between Youth inside the EU.

*Main Aim: *

Main aim of this training course is to identify the way how we percieve
differences between people through experiential learning and outdoor
education. We want to prevent creation of negative stereotypes and
prejudices against different subcultures and nations. Participants of our
training course will be educated in specific methods of identifying
prejudices to use these methods and improve their work with youth. We will
focus on the experiences of participants during the course and on the
hand on transmission of these experiences to theirs clients.

*Methods: ***

This topic will be examined through real experiences of participants,
outdoor activities, discussion, worshops and their feedback. Our team
consist of lectors of experiencial education and learning. During this
course participants will meet some members of particular subcultures which
often face stigmatization and negative prejudical attitude.  We will be
cooperate with local comunity as well. To conclude and evaluate our cours
wil organise final exhibition with local band, international buffet and
further activities conducted by participants.

* *


   - Experiential learning and outdoor activities
   - Self reflexion activities
   - Group dynamic activities
   - Relaxation activities
   - Workshops
   - Workgroups for discussion the problem
   - Workshop of performance with local people
   - Presentation of dishes and tradicions
   - Meeting with the local authorities

*Impact on participants:*

Participants will be able to identify sareotypes against their potencial
clients and on the other hand they will be able guide their clients  to
recognize and eliminate prejudices against different subcultures.
Participants gain on this course specific techniques   and methods how to
deal with prejudices and stereotypes to improve their work with clients.
Particapants will share their experiences from particular countries and
organization and they will enter into a partnership between each other.

*Impact on participating organization:*

Thanks to taking part in this course organization gain new useful contact
with similiar organization in different country. Participation on this
projekt organization also support employers well-beeing and prevent
Thanks to the projekt participants gain specific education technique which
help improve their work.

* *

*Impact on local community: *

Our project will help to make local public and young people aquintance
YOUTH program. It will help to  break stereotypes a prejudice of local
people gainst foreiners and participants against local public as well.

* *

*Financial Condition:*

70% of international travel costs are covered by the Youth Program
funds.This amount will be reimbursed, presenting original bill and
travel tickets and boarding passes.

Accommodation and diet during the course will be fully covered by hosting

Visa cost is 100% covered.


If you are interested about our project contact us by email. We will
your questions and send you necessary form to be filed.

* *

*Deadline for avowal  is 20th of March 2008!*

* *

*Thank you and best regards*

*Martin Klajn*

* *

*Project coordinator:                                                  *

klajn at os-prevent.cz

skype: klajnoch

tel: +420777040755

* *

*Adress:* Martin Klajn

Organization: O.S.PREVENT

Street: Kratka 20

Post Code: 386 01 Strakonice


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