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Thanks for this. If the Polish Green Party is the same as the ones I know
you will have plenty of fruits and not a few vegetables ;-)



> for those that interested, find below my commentary before the elections
> in Poland.
> B.
> www.bartosz-lech.bloog.pl
> Elections in Poland: What will change this Sunday?
> autor: bartosz-lech, 2007-10-19 15:58:59
> On Sunday Poland will hold the most important elections since 1989.
> According to the latest polls the Christian-democrats from Civic
> Platform (Platforma Obywatelska) will win on Sunday's general elections.
> The Kaczynski brothers' party- Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc)
> is just 3-5 % behind them, and even if the Kaczynskis were leading in
> the elections, they would not be able to construct a government because
> they will not have any partners for that in the next legislative (League
> of Polish Families and Selfdefence most probably will not enter the
> parliament).
> So one is sure- Polish people told the Kaczynski government: No thanks!
> Whether that is a step forward- I am not sure. Yes, I do see the
> difference between Kaczynski and Civic Platform, but maybe I am too left
> to be happy with an election that will be won by the
> Christian-democrats.
> It was the Civic Platform that created the slogan: Nice or Death, to
> defend the absolutely illogical institutional compromise that heads of
> states negotiated in Nice. It was the Civic Platform that introduced
> religion classes in public schools and is a political party with leaders
> that are not able to pronounce the word 'abortion'.
> At the same time people do not recognize Left and Democrats as a real
> alternative, and to be honest, they have good reasons for that.
> As always, I will use Kinga Dunin comparison of the two leading parties.
> The difference between the Kaczynski brothers and Civic Platform is like
> the difference between potatoes and french fries- the first ones are
> simple and obviously dirty, the second ones are well shaped, so Western
> and speak English, but in fact inside they are both the same starch.
> So besides potatoes I want to see on the political scene in Poland also
> apples, tomatoes- other colours! These elections will change Poland for
> sure and it is time to breed new vegetables and fruits that will be a
> reasonable alternative for the potato-potato debate.
> Bartek
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