[fyeg_gen-l] Another book about greens or database with FYEG campaigns to be used?

Arend Hamstra arend at arendhamstra.nl
Thu Oct 4 12:56:29 CEST 2007

Dear Charlotte and all other FYEG members,


Good idea of creating something for the 20th birthday of the Young Greens.
But instead of making a book, that will be given and then put in a room to
be forgotten about I would like to propose another idea. 


FYEG is for me an organisation that is trying to give everyone information,
samples and spreading different views to many people all over Europe and the


What would be better then to create for the 20th birthday of FYEG a full
database with lots of different campaign material, stories, leaflets and
much more of FYEG and of all our partner, member and other organisations so
that we can really use the internet like it is supposed to be. If we in the
Netherlands would like to organise a campaign on nuclear power plants or on
cycling routes in Amsterdam this should be found in FYEG´s database. 


I would rather see the money been spend on some of 500 books for important
greenies that already know all about FYEG or green politics invested in a
good database with a complete overview of what FYEG and members
organisations have been doing the last 2 decennia!


Maybe in that case the future generation of FYEG will make the world green! 



With kind regards,


Arend Hamstra, former EC-member and working on green issues in Amsterdam and



Arend Hamstra
Raadslid GroenLinks Amsterdam Oudzuid 
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Hello Everyone!

Do you have visionary ideas that you would like to see in print? Do you
remember FYEG in its formative years? Have you been enthused by the cohesive
spirit shown by member organisations and feel inspired to comment on such?
Does the idea of interviewing pre-eminent Green politicians appeal? Do you
love to manipulate the English language to form glorious sentences worthy of
a celebrative book? Are you tried of my incessant questioning?!

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions (excluding the last),
I would love to hear from you!

The Federation of Young European Greens will be celebrating its 20th
anniversary next year and to signify this epoch in our history a book will
be published documenting not only the evolution of FYEG but also outlining
the Green ideals and aspirations. We hope to include a selection of
interviews with prominent greens, a section devoted to our member
organisations and articles highlighting important actions and campaigns
throughout our history. 

The publication will focus on our strengths and our progress, serving as a
testament to our achievements over the course of the 20-year lifespan of the
organisation. This is a seminal moment: at a time when Green politics are
present on a global scale as never before, which should be seized both in
the current context and also for posterity by way of a tribute to those who
have shown faith and dedication, and to recognise an important milestone in
our organisation’s history. 

Please send an email with your expression of interest to charlotte at fyeg.org
before the 21st of October and let the flow of ideas begin!

In a state of excited anticipation,

Charlotte Gasser 






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