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Josef Šmída spipi at seznam.cz
Mon May 28 19:17:45 CEST 2007

Hi there,

 just a short report about last weekend in Czechia and what is new about "radar" issue.

On Saturday was quite huge demonstration against bases and for referendum. We expected more than 5000 v up to 10000 people. Finally there were, unfortunately, only round 3000. Was really hot weather and mood of that demonstration was activistic and against government. So it was a bit difficult for us because czech greens are in government and if people shout "Bursik ven!" (means Bursik go away!), it is a bit confusing for you:-) Anyway, me and Bartek had there short speech, also our young vice chair of Republic Council of czech greens had it.
Demonstration was in every medias in whole czechia and the protest against radar base in czech is still increacing. Now ministry for EU affairs (not ministry of foreign affairs who is also bad:-) yesterday said that if we do not have that radar base we should get back obligatory military service which was cancelled few years ago. So that is their new argument now, great..

And about Republic Council of czech green party which was yesterday. Radar base was the main topic and we were discussing it more than five hours. It was a bit "realos vs. fundies" or "youth vs. old". So that sometimes it was really crazy, absurd and personaly fighting. Finally we assumed statement which has 4 points:

a) Strana zelenych supports discussions inside of NATO and EU about this issue, because it is important for us to know attitude of NATO members and EU states;

b) republic council (RC) of the greens is stating that those negotiations inside NATO and EU have been still poor and short, and it has got/will have big impact in EU security and foreign policy. Finally project NMD USA does not have support of both chambers in USA and wasn't declared from USA that it will be part of NATO defence. Because of that we cannot support nowadays this project;

c) RC is stating that negotiations and dialog about that issue is really necessity to discuss it together with NATO, USA, EU and Russia level and try to make these dialogs more intensify;

d) RC is stating that priority of Strana zelenych in "area" of direct democracy  is referendum and try to negotiate and find support for that in parliament.

So that's it. It is not absolute right translate, but I hope that it is clear for you. This statement is consensus of the both groups.

Thank you all for every supports. It is not the end our struggle about this issue!



Josef Smida

Mladi zeleni - Czech Young Greens, Chairman
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