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Dear green friends!

Please spread this material as wide as possible. We think that it is
new step in political repressions in Russia. We ask you to write the
protest letters to Russian authority as well.

Alexander Karpov
Press secretary of green Alternative (GROZA)


There are numerous cases of open political repressions in Russia now. In
the run up to the EU-Russia Summit in Samara (17-19th of May) and
expected protests, the violations of human rights became common
practice. Police use the so called "black lists" to prevent activists
even from arriving to Samara. There were several dozen cases reported of
illegal arrests of political and civil activists before departure and
after arrival (in the airports, on the train stations of Moscow,
Voronezh, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara). Five members of Green Alternative
(GROZA) were harassed and interrogated by the police because they wanted
to move from one city to another during this period. Not one of them was
going to visit Samara. The criminal police three times tried to arrest
Alexey Kozlov, co-chairperson of Green Alternative (GROZA), when he
visited Moscow to participate in a human rights conference. Policemen
came to the flat of Natalia Zviagina, member of Coordination Committee
of Green Alternative (GROZA) to prevent her from leaving the city of
Voronezh. Several human rights and political activists were beaten up
when they refuse to answer policemen's questions. In most of such cases
police used "black lists" - the lists of activists and representatives
of political organisations and NGOs that label them as "extremists" and
potential organizers of mass disorders. There is no any legal basis for
these lists, none of those accusations were grounded by court decisions,
but nevertheless the police uses this lists and collects private
information about movement of people to subject them to illegal pressure
and intimidation. In several cases these lists include family members of
activists or people who are not active in any type of protest.

Green Alternative (GROZA) demands from the Russian police and the
government of the Russian Federation to stop violations of human rights
and Russian laws, to stop using police force and security measures for
political reasons. The freedom of movement, right to privacy, right to
liberty and surety are among the basic human rights, included in the
European convention on Human Rights, and the Russian Federation has an
obligation to follow those provisions.

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