[fyeg_gen-l] Call for nominations: FYEG working group on internal structures and communications

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Sun May 20 19:45:27 CEST 2007

Dear all,
  Following a decision of the General Assembly in Vienna, the FYEG EC was mandated to set up a working group aimed at revising and improving the internal structures of the organisation, as well as its communication processes and procedures.
  The working group is supposed to focus on finding methods of reforming the FYEG structures in order to maximize the efficiency of the communications and to emphasize the democratic, transparent and open nature of the decision making processes. By forming this working group, FYEG affirms its dedication to build its future path through an inclusive process, in which the voices of its members are all taken into consideration.
  The working group will be composed of 12 representatives of member organisations, plus one FYEG EC person, responssible for facilitating the contact between the working group, the EC and the member organisations. The coordinator of the working group will be selected by the group itself, from the 12 MO representatives. A meeting of the working group is planned for the autumn of 2007, but the work of the group is supposed to continue until the FYEG GA in 2008, where it will propose the needed reforms.
  We call on the Member Organisations to nominate a representative for this working group. This person hould have extensive knowledge of her/his organisation’s structures and internal procedures, as well as sufficient knowledge about FYEG. In selecting the members of the working group, we will aim for a balance between member organisations in terms of size (both small and big organisations should be represented), experience, working methods, location, relation to their mother party and relation to FYEG.
  Please send your nominations, accompanied by a letter of intention of the nominee (explaining her/his motivation to take part in this working group and the general structure and working methods of your organisation) to marina at fyeg.org by the deadline of June 30th 2007.  For any additional information do not hesitate to contact me.
  Green Greetings,
  Marina Barbalata
  FYEG Spokesperson

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