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Sarah Trichet-Allaire sarah.trichet.allaire at gmail.com
Mon May 7 15:16:23 CEST 2007

in my city, dustbin was burning this night, in the city center.
We are in a country where half of the population choose a populist,
demagogic guy, with a discourse centering on individualism, and not
solidarity, on fear and reject of Other, and not live with him...

no, really not a good news


2007/5/7, aude at chicheweb.org <aude at chicheweb.org>:
> Hello.
> Yesterday everuone around me was crying for the first time on an
> election day, like something very scary is beginning.
> I live in Bordeaux between the city hall and the central police offices,
> and I heard almost no "jolly klaxon music" yesterday like every time,
> only police sirens, and it goes on today.
> People argue in their families, there are two different sides of French
> society, full of hate, despair or violence, we are all very scared.
> They say it's a democratic process, but Sarkozy has many influence in
> the media, he's been taking over the conservative party very violently,
> and has been talking all the campaign long to our wild animal side.
> Imagine a mix between Berlusconi and Bush, and there you have our new
> president...
> Sorry for these bad news.
> Aude, Chiche !
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