[fyeg_gen-l] news from France

aude at chicheweb.org aude at chicheweb.org
Mon May 7 14:09:05 CEST 2007


Yesterday everuone around me was crying for the first time on an 
election day, like something very scary is beginning.

I live in Bordeaux between the city hall and the central police offices, 
and I heard almost no "jolly klaxon music" yesterday like every time, 
only police sirens, and it goes on today.

People argue in their families, there are two different sides of French 
society, full of hate, despair or violence, we are all very scared.

They say it's a democratic process, but Sarkozy has many influence in 
the media, he's been taking over the conservative party very violently, 
and has been talking all the campaign long to our wild animal side.

Imagine a mix between Berlusconi and Bush, and there you have our new 

Sorry for these bad news.

Aude, Chiche !

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