[fyeg_gen-l] Bulgarian Green MEP List

mihail at riseup.net mihail at riseup.net
Fri May 4 23:30:05 CEST 2007

Dear Ogi,

Thanks for sending the list of your Green Party:

It is interesting that nobody responded. I guess that perhaps there are
not that many Bulgarian speakers on the list ;-)

I am just writing to ask what help you might be getting from other
European Green Parties? To be frank, my impression is that the webpage you
sent the link to is much less professionally presented than that of any
other Bulgarian party in the European election and that it could do with
the skills of experienced campaigners.

There are many points one could make but the central one I would say is
that  while the webpage may say that this candidate or that candidate is
secretary or president of a branch of your Green Party it does not say
what they have done for the environment. Past campaigns, publications,
activism etc ...

I remember calls on this list from wealthier countries (am I right in
thinking Germany and Finland?) for experienced campaigners to come and
join election campaigns. Perhaps it is time that reverse exchanges were
now implemented?



they don't have an idea how to present a list! just look at the photos,
will you
vote for them? may be you will but most people after only seeing the
photos will not
bother to read, not that there is much to read either - the descriptions
don't make
them sound better. at least two of the candidates it says "student in ..."
they look quite old to be students, i guess it is a mistake, and they
some jobs, some companies which do not sound any familiar or appealing.
number 5 has
his own bodyguard company, number 17 is chairman of some rotary club,
number 18
presenter in a comic show on tv... and for all of them - it just says they
members or presidents of some regional sections of the party, but for none
it is
clear what they have done for the environment.

i just checked all other lists and they are at least well presented. the
are quite disappointing though - apart from the first two candidates who
are young,
the rest are the generation of my father, and look they have just come out
of the

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