[fyeg_gen-l] Communication tools

gert at fyeg.org gert at fyeg.org
Wed May 2 02:22:15 CEST 2007

> Hey there,
> if there is really no interest of the activist to communicate, exchange
> and network more and more easily, I will stop making these suggestions,
> but I have some more comments now.

Dear Hanna,

Sorry, I didn't mean to blow you off. Just thought that your argument that
it's not very convenient to use the forum was a bit shaky - it actually
takes you just as long to access the forum as it takes to access your
e-mail account.

> To suggest to use a, respectively this particular, forum for me is a bit
> anachronistic. The Internet provides us with various interesting,
> creative, open-source, transparent! and easy-to-use tools to network
> (thus mailinglist, irc-channels, weblogs, wikis).

I disagree. I find discussion forums to be the ideal location for the more
interesting political discussions. The history of the entire debate is
displayed in a very clear and easy-to-read manner, and the quoting system
allows you to rise to the very apex of the art of political (or other)
debate: you can refer to your debate partner's points in a very direct
manner. Great!

> Also I personally, as I am not close to my national green organization,
> am very interested in and eager to learn from what and how people work
> and do actions from a green perspective, especially if it isn't so much
> influenced by parliamentary politics.

You have a point, there. However, I believe that cramming the mailing list
with a maximum amouint of information about MO's is not really the way to
"keep people informed". Not everyone cares equally about every subject, so
it's actually not bad to allow people to choose between subjects that
truely interest them - a possibility which excists in them jolly
discussion forums.

So, call me old-fashioned if you like, but I'm still up for a good
oldfashioned round of jabber and chatter on a safe, friendly discussion

Cheerio, Chaps!


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