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It is very understandable that FYEG doesn't communicate in public about 
our leaving the federation... Yet we would appreciate that our message 
is given some place in the internal communication. Unfortunately, both 
are mixed and such a tool doesn't exist.
Still we would like our name to be taken out of the MOs page :
Thanks very much,

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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 20:35:40 +0200
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3. News from Member Organisations of FYEG

Spanish Young Greens will held their General Assembly in Valencia,
between 15th and 16th of December 2008. The consolidation of local
groups and plans for future two years will be the main points on the
agenda. Also, the whole EC will be renovated.

Irish Young Greens held their General Assembly in Dublin on the 10th and
11th of November, 2008. The GA was attended by the current Ministry of
Environment of Ireland, John Gormley, and by the Ministry of Food,
Trevor Sargent. New board was elected, Stephen Crowley new coordinator.

Russian Young Greens visited Brussels invited by the Heinrich Boll
Fundation. They hold a meeting with FYEG MO Coordinator and established
a plan for future collaboration. A mailing-list will be created to
reinforce FYEG eastern MOs, in particular, those outside the European Union.

Jong Groen and Ecolo J celebrates their II weekend together. Around 40
participants from both young green organisations meet during the weekend
from 16th to 17th of November to discuss further collaboration, the
future of Belgium and Climate change among other topics. The meeting was
attended by leaders of both parties and got big media attention.

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