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International voluntary service of naturophathy in Institute of Natural Medicine in Nepal
  Are you interested in learning more about yogic lifestyle, naturopathy and natural medicine? Are you ready to explore Nepal through spreading the message of natural way of living through creative and empowering educational activities in astonishing villages around Nepal?
  Institute of Natural Medicine is welcoming you to join International voluntary service of natural living. This voluntary service will give you insight in theory and practice of natural living as well as opportunity to travel around Nepal and deliver gained knowledge and skills for local communities.
  About the Institute

  Institute of Natural Medicine was established about 2 years ago and has brought together wide team of health specialists- health doctors and therapists. While located in Katmandu, it expands in providing knowledge through educative activities as well in furthest corners of Nepal.  Institute specially promotes the living art. It leads to successful life once applied through the viewpoint of spiritual beauty, natural beauty, social beauty, mental beauty. Institute also serves people providing Naturopathic treatment to the chronic/acute pressure, diabetes, asthma, leaver, arthritis and heart diseases. Almost all problems are curable by Yoga & Meditation. Institute highly values the healing power of nature and manpower for positive social change in the World of today.
  Institute of Natural Medicine is non-profit driven institution. All its income goes for practical educational activities in different communities and sustaining the institute itself. Institute arranges free classes for locals when financially it is possibly to introduce naturopathy as integral part of every day life as to maintain qualities as peace and harmony in oneself and surrounding world. More information on Institute you can find on www.nepalmeditation.com
  About voluntary service

  Initially you will receive 10 days long training on yogic lifestyle, environmentally-friendly lifestyle and natural medicine. 
  Training includes:
  ·        Basic knowledge on environmentally-friendly and balanced lifestyle
  ·        Basic philosophy on yogic lifestyle
  ·        Basic theory on naturopathy.
  ·        Daily yoga and meditation practice
  ·        Basic training on of Nepalese language
  ·        Tips on making educational activities for local communities.
  After the training you will travel to remote villages and lead workshops, interactive lectures for local communities, mostly schools and other educational institutions. Institute of Natural Medicine will coordinate your stay in placements as after completion of training you will receive especially for you designed route of schools and communities to be visited. As well you will be able to experience traditional Nepal by living, eating and enjoying your free time with local village families.  
  Placements include:
   Designation of educational activities both for children and adults  
   Running several activities in each community. You are expected to bring painting, music, dance, language teaching or your own cultural elements into every class.  
   Staying in village with local host family for few days and then moving on to another village. The number of villages visited and classes performed will depend on length of your stay and motivation to work hardJ
   Requirements for the volunteer:
   Some previous knowledge on naturopathy and motivation to learn more on natural way of living.  
   Strong will-power to travel independently and deliver educational activities alone as well as in team  
   Creative skills to deliver classes both with children and adults in interactive way.  
   Patience and flexibility to live out of western standards and experience real NepalJ
   Other practicalities:
  The voluntary service starts from 3 till 8 weeks and can be prolonged in some cases. It is important to note that Institute uses the gained profit for delivering the message on natural living further to community
  The voluntary service fee is following:
   3 weeks (10 days training- 1 week placement)- USD 422.00  
   4 weeks (10 days training- 2 week placement)-  USD 479.00  
   5 weeks (10 days training- 3 week placement)- USD 535.00  
   6 weeks (10 days training- 4 weeks placement)- USD 592.00  
   7 weeks (10 days training- 5 week placement)- USD 648.00  
   8 weeks (10 days training- 6 week placement)- USD 705.00
  The fee includes:
   Airport pickup and drop off.  
   Initial 2 weeks theoretical and practical training  
   Food and accommodation during training and placements.  
   Administration and support during placement in remote villages.  
   Transportation to and from placements.  
   Basic Nepali language training.
  The fee excludes:
   Visa (60 days tourist visa is only US $30; extensions are US $30 per 30 days with three renewals possible)   
   Travel Insurance  
   Any additional costs for personal items, beverages and entertainment.  
   Any additional sightseeing.
  Note that you will need around $20 for your personal expenses apart from the basic expenses that will be covered by the voluntary service fee.
  Accommodation and food 
   During Training: During the training, volunteers will stay in a hotel in Thamel in Kathmandu. The cost of hotel is included in the program fee. Each volunteer will be provided single room with attached bath room and the hotel will have hot shower facilities. Training will be held at the rooms of the Institute of Natural Medicine. Nearby here are many international and Nepali restaurants and you can choose your food preferences.  
   During Placement: While at the placement the volunteer will live with a local family, which will provide you the place to stay and 2 main meals during your stay in the particular village. You will be eating the same food as the family eats and follow the rhythm of the family life, having closer contact traditional Nepal. 
  Note that you will need around $20 for your personal expenses apart from the basic expenses that will be covered by the voluntary service fee.
  Possible starting dates:
  At the end of your stay you will receive certificate confirming received training and practical experience in different placements. 
  If you have any further questions, doubts, curiosities, or if you have decided to apply for the voluntary service of naturopathy, please contact us: info (at) nepalmeditation (dot) com and we will provide you with application form and further details on service practicalities, costs and available dates. 

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