[fyeg_gen-l] feel like signing a petition to help prevent climate change?

Felicia Gottmann felicia.gottmann at somerville.oxford.ac.uk
Sun Nov 12 14:28:12 CET 2006

Hey there!
Could you take 2 mins of your time? Please have a look at
www.powerdownpetition.org and do sign if you agree. The website has only 
just gone live,
but aims to get at least 3,000 signatures by January when there will be a
march to Brussels to present the petition to the EU.
Lots of love,

>> Please Sign the Power Down Petition
>> ...and help stop climate suicide
>> We the undersigned demand that the European Commission, the European
>> Parliament and all EU member states commit to taking a lead role ahead of
>> agreement by the global community in preventing catastrophic climate 
>> change by
>> powering down the excesses of the EU fossil fuel economy. For Power Down 
>> to
>> be effective it needs to include the following 5 policies;
>>   1.. Commit to a 'power down' target of 9% annual reductions in CO2
>> equivalent emissions (60% by 2016, 90% by 2030)
>>   2.. Include aviation emissions and their full 'forcing' effect within
>> the 9% annual power down target.
>>   3.. Utilise the policy mechanisms of Contraction and Convergence and
>> Carbon Rationing to ensure that 'power down' is equitable and enforced
>>   4.. Agree an emergency convention on rainforest protection and
>> reforestation
>>   5.. Win early agreement with the international community to institute
>> 'power down'

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