[fyeg_gen-l] Miami Hunger Strikers

gert at fyeg.org gert at fyeg.org
Wed Apr 26 13:50:25 CEST 2006

> The strikers are asking for support from other groups in lobbying Donna
> Shalala to take action and end this dispute.
> It is very easy to do so: If you would like to email her or to have more
> information you can do so via

Hey Everyone,

The cause is good, the petition message plain sucks. It's way too rude, I
believe. I changed it a bit, and sent this one:

"Donna Shalala
University of Miami

Dear Ms. Shalala,

I write you this short message, because I am worried about the fate of the
group of campus employees who recently engaged in a hunger strike to
demand the right to join a workers' union. I kindly urge you to intervene
now, before janitors suffer serious medical consequences. You have the
moral authority and executive powers to negotiate in this conflict, and
help reach a solution that satisfies all parties. This would be benificial
to the very health of democracy, ensuring a community where all citizens
enjoy a set of rights, be it as employees or in their other public
identities. I hope you take this kind petition into consideration.

Kind Regards,

Gert Boel
Federation of Young European Greens"

If anyone wants to copy mine (not that I'm pretending that this is good,
or anything, but I do believe it's better than the old one), feel free to
do so. But don't forget to change my name in the signature ;-).

By the way: Shalala, that's just gotta be a joke of a name. I mean.
Seriously. The Crystals do rule, though. Check out "Da Doo Ron Ron",
whenever you can.

Keep on Rockin',


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