[fyeg_gen-l] Miami Hunger Strikers

Felicia Gottmann felicia.gottmann at somerville.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 11:07:33 CEST 2006

Hey there!

If you have a couple of minutes it would be great if you could help to 
support hunger strikers at the University of Miami:

A liquids-only hunger strike is currently in progress at the University of 
Miami. Janitors, housekeepers and groundskeepers are taking this action in 
order to win the right to join a Union. Their employer, a contractor called 
UNICCO, has threatened and  intimidated these workers. Nevertheless six 
students have joined the hunger strikers. The hunger strikers are demanding 
that the University Presidentintervene in the dispute and tell UNICCO to 
recognise the right of these workers to form a Union; but so far Donna 
Shalala, the University President, is refusing to intervene. The hunger 
strike is supported by civil rights leaders, politicians and labour leaders. 
Several of the strikers have already been hospitalised by their action.

The strikers are asking for support from other groups in lobbying Donna 
Shalala to take action and end this dispute.
It is very easy to do so: If you would like to email her or to have more 
information you can do so via

Green love from England:)


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