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Wed Apr 26 10:44:30 CEST 2006

Dear Green fellows
  Iliosporoi, the young green crew from Greece, is following the ESF  process although not part of it for many reasons. The EcoGreen and the  European Green party will be there along with many other activists and  movements.
  We support the ESF (although they do not support our Legalise Cannabis  Protestival which takes place during 5-7 of May) as we support the  Autonomous Spaces that has to offer many workshops and direct actions.
  We call upon all Green activists from Europe to be in Athens during 4  and 7 of May and take part in as many events as possible and support  all activities.
  More specifically:
  1. Legalise Cannabis Protestival, FRI 5th - SUN 7th of May, organised  by iliosporoi (young greens), the ecoGreen party, the libertarian rehab  collective, void network and many more. Non stop music, happenings,  exchibitions. Venue: The Old Hippodrome, Siggrou and Posidonos Av.,  linked with the ESF by tram. Free camping site!
  2. Autonomous Spaces, workshops and direct actions, THU 4th - SAT 6th  of May, Venue: the Polytechnic School in Zografou, Athens, direct  actions in various places and the Street Parade on SAT 6th during the  ESF march
  3. and ofcourse the ESF as you know it during THU 4th - SUN 7th. Venue: the old airport in Ellinikon
  Feel free to contact us if you need any links with Athens...
  In solidarity
  Michalis - iliosporoi

Ηλιόσποροι (Νέοι Πράσινοι) Δίκτυο Πληροφόρησης- Δράσης Νέων για την Πολιτική και Κοινωνική Οικολογία -www.iliosporoi.gr- 
Iliosporoi (Young Greens) InfoAction Youth Network on Political and Social Ecology -www.iliosporoi.gr- 

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