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Karl Bär karlbaer at swissinfo.org
Tue Apr 25 21:12:54 CEST 2006


There is a event in Germany which is called "Youth Media Event" and which will take place from 13th till 16th of June in the country of Nordrhein Westphalen (NRW).
It is an anual event organized by an organization called "Young Press of NRW", which planes to gather about 500 young people who are interessted or engaged with all kinds of press for 4 days of workshops.

As the topic will be "We are Europe" this time, many things will be in english language and the organizers bought flight tickets for different European countries and started to invite foreigners. Still, this didn't work as well as they planed it and this is your chance: There are still tickets.
So if you are interessted in the event, click on http://www.jugendmedienevent.de/, where you can find information in German, English and French.

Flights to Kologne are still available for free for two persons each from the following cities:


There is a participants fee of 25 or 5 Euros depending on the country you come from.

The organizers specially call for participants from the Benelux, who can't get traveling paid for, but as NRW is in the north-west, it's close to these countries, so people can get there cheaply.


Please note:
I forwarded and translated this mail, which was sent to the list of the federal working group on european issues of Grüne Jugend by Hauke, who asked to inform foreign friends. I have nothing to do with the event, don't send mails to me. Application forms can be downloaded on the homepage mentioned above.

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