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Fri Apr 21 09:38:16 CEST 2006

Hello you,
As you might know 35 women met recently in Budapest for the study session
"Women Power" organized by FYEG. We analysed the existing problems and
obstacles for women in daily life and especially in politics. One of the
projects we developed was to create a Europe-wide gender campaign. This
campaign will take place in hopefully every member organisation of FYEG and
its aim is to recruit more women for the Young Greens and to involve them
more in politics.

We would like to include members of your organisation in the preparation of
that campaign and we would be grateful if you could forward this mail to
interested persons or to your general list in your countries. Secondly, we need one person
from your organisation who is willing to be our contact for the Gender
campaign - a partner we could communicate with concerning gender issues and
who will take responsibility for channelling information and resources we
produce to interested members of your organisation.

Our philosophical basis reflects the views of the Women power group. We
seek to tackle the under-representation and discrimination of women in
society and particularly in the political arena. For further information,
see full statement on FYEG website.

We hope that you agree with these proposals and recommendations and will be
interested in working with us to campaign on these issues. Please, write to
us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,
Anna (for the Gender campaign group)

anna.cavazzini at gj-sachsen.de 

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