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friends, this project is quite interesting project. I really want green people in this
project. cause they will discuss environmental politics also.
please read the mail written below..

thank you

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Subject: will you want to participate to change your future environment?
From:    "lale ayhan" <aurora2sunshine at yahoo.com>
Date:    Thu, April 20, 2006 16:02
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will you want to participate to change your future environment?

  Every second that we breath, our world is becoming less livable, natural life areas are
becoming smaller, natural sources are decreasing. Every passed day, when global warming
increases the temperature of our planet, lands move closer to the sea, icebergs melt faster.
Every passed day, when the hole in the ozone layer extends, the lungs of earth, the amozone
forests become smaller, thousands of living species are endangering, risks of global
diseases like cancer are increasing. While the icebergs melt in Antartica, our fresh water
sources are damaged. While ozone layer is pierced, our child suffers from skin cancer. While
amazons are destroyed, our respired air is polluted.

   Environmental problems, that we name as global, that seem us far far away from our lifes,
actually affect us directly.  Cutting the trees at the other side of the Earth,  means to
decrease of the oxygen that we breath. The Cernobil disaster, which was thousands
kilometers far away from our lifes,  still mixes radiation to the water we drink, to the
air we breath.

  Are you aware of the fact that, many environmental problems ,which are defined as a
regional, actually affect our life directly ?

  Are you aware of the fact that, the thing that disappears every second , is actually our
futre, our common heritage?

  Are you aware of the fact that, if we, the young people, will not do anything, no body will ?

  Do not you think that it is the time to act, to do anything for designing our future ?
  Cause, we think it is the time to act !!!

  Would you join us?

  The Youth Branch of Turkish Law Institute, is organizinf project named as “Different
Countries, Different Cultures But Common Environment” for discussing environmental
problems and finding new ways to protect our commom heritage : our environment. If you would
like to join us please read the description of the project and fill & send  the part  III
for to us. (please send part III signed and via fax, deadline for sending part III is 15th
of May 2006 )

  Contact Information :

  Contact person : Lale Ayhan
  e-mail : youth at turkhukukenstitusu.com
               ayhan.lale at gmail.com
  fax : +90 312 231 65 24
  tel : +90 312 229 41 08

  mobile : + 90 555 341 69 66
  please don’t hesitate to ask questions J

  Name of the Project :
  Different Countries, Different Cultures But Common Environment

  Project Type :
  Action 1

  Project Date :
  23th September – 1th of October 2006

  Project Description :
     The project that named as “Different Countries, Cultures But Common Environment” is
organized by Turkish Law Instutitute’s Youth Branch. The project aims to increase
awardness of young people dealing with environmental problems, to show that environmental
problems are not regional but global, moreover to discuss environmental politics and to
take a step for creating common environmental consiousness.  Project will include panels
sessions, interactive workshops, discussion and brain storming sessions, case study trips
to environmental problematic areas for reaching the main goals written above. Project
will also include the “NGO FAIR” with participation of partner organizations and
international&local NGOs from Turkey. At the end of the project, there will be photograph
fair, short movie show of the results of case studies, and moreover the result book of
the event will be published including the results of workshops and case-study trips.

  Project Place :

  Ankara / Turkey

  5 partners looking from EU, EFTA and EU candidate Countries

  Turkish Law Instutitude ( TLI ) has established in 1977,  with 10 branches in different
cities and more than 2000 members, TLI aims to develop life standarts of citizens of Turkey
by trying to improve turkish laws. TLI also deals with all the problems that decrease life
standarts of Turkish citizens.

  Turkish Law Instutitude’s Youth Branch has established in 2004. TLI Youth Branch, shares
aims of the TLI, aims to develop youth consiousness dealing the problems of their

  Attachement : part III form
                         Project description

  Lale Ayhan
  TLI Youth Branch

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