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Dear friends

There is something interesting. Please take a look if you have few spare



TAKE PART IN THE ECORATE PROJECT [it takes only 10 minutes]

Dear all

Most of you have already used, heard, read and/or complained about the
ecorates system. If not here's a short explanation:

Ecorates are an alternative 'currency' based on the actual cost of living in
each country. The aim of the ecorates system is to enable organizations
which share the concern of economical inequalities between countries to use
a fair exchange rate when they charge people for participation in
gatherings, seminars, magazine subscriptions etc.

It is necessary to create alternative frameworks for our economic relations
that break the profit guided and socially careless dynamics.
Differences in the prices levels, exchange currency rates, purchasing power
might financially discourage or even stop people from some countries from

The ecorates system is a grassroots and participatory system. The fact that
we research to have our own rates rather than using official institutional
ones is one of the most important characteristics of the system. Check out
http://www.eyfa.org/ecorates for more info.

By filling out the ecorates questionnaire you can make the ecorate for your
country (thus for yourself) more accurate and fair. Please fill in the
online ecorate form to help us gather fresh data for the project. We need as
many questionnaires filled out as possible to make this years ecorates
completely up to date. Find the online ecorates form at

And forward this message widely and ask people around you to fill the form
as well.

The ecorates questionnaire is also attached to this e-mail so you can print
it and take it with you when you shop, then you can easily fill in the data
to the on-line form when you return home!

Any comments on how to improve the form or ecorates are always welcome and
we are always looking for regional coordinators for the ecorates project so
if you're interested and would like to volunteer please contact
_ecorates at eyfa.org <mailto:ecorates at eyfa.org>_

Thank you!


EYFA Office & the Ecorates team

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