[fyeg_gen-l] end of the cpe and european social forum

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Wed Apr 19 18:46:36 CEST 2006

I'm All right with aude it's not a victory, theire are the time of the 
social Regression in the france

The fight continues

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>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 18:00:50 +0200 (CEST)
>I was very surprised by what Sarah told you about the so-called victory
>about the CPE in France. Not even the socialist party dares to say it was
>a victory. Yes, for the first time since 2002 going on the street was
>fruitful and millions of people marching were heard at least a little. But
>the CPE is only a small part of a “law for equal opportunities” (LEC) that
>is really disgusting. Children are allowed to work as apprentices from 14
>instead of 16, and working by night is now authorised for young people
>under 18. Furthermore, the CNE (very close to CPE: *everyone* can be fired
>during the first two years in a enterprise not bigger than twenty people,
>instead of every person under 26 in any enterprise, looks similar, he?) is
>still valid. It was not even voted by the Parliament last autumn, just a
>government decreet.
>Ok, we get what we deserve. Because the trade unions did very little on
>the CNE in its time. And because the social struggles that you heard about
>were focused mainly on CPE, while the whole law was a problem. I don’t
>know why we were so dum, shortening our views like this. The last days
>were not enough to widen our struggle, even if it were only on the whole
>These two months have been very exciting, very interesting I think for all
>the students who discovered what was a GA and taking decisions together.
>But quite poor concerning the results and what the mainstream demanded: a
>job for everyone to produce five days long and consume everything on
>Saturday (I was even told that some middle class students went to a mall
>in a mini-demo to demand the right to consume more).
>We in Chiche! keep claiming for an *income* for everyone, in order to get
>out of this society of production and consumption. Our planet will be go
>on being destroyed if we go on working/producing like this and not sharing
>our wealth.
>My kind regards to the greenies in Danau region, Beograd, Budapest,
>Romania. We have in the same time the biggest floods and the driest
>weather... the soils are being compacted by the disappearing of the little
>worms and insects who were living in it: eat organic!
>Take care,
> > Hi, young greens of all Europe !
> >
> > It's a great victory ! After 2 months of fight, french government has
> > cancelled the cpe !
> >
> > It's a victory for the street and labour rights, but not for the 
> > power. By his incompetence and his refusal to listen  the people, the
> > government has played a dangerous game. When people haven't confidence 
> > politic, answer is often an extremist vote : we have to be frightened of
> > the
> > results of the next presidential elections...
> >
> > But for the moment, it is another street power which is in place : the
> > european social forum !
> > The way for european people to protest against neoliberal globalisation
> > and
> > war, deregulation of labor and poverty, climate change and environmental
> > destruction, violation of democratic rights and sexism, racism and the
> > threat of the far right !
> >
> > It will be taking place on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th of May 2006, in
> > Athens,
> > and i'll be here !
> >
> > So, who come with me ?
> > Where is the meeting point of the FYEG ?
> >
> > Sarah
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