[fyeg_gen-l] Gender project from Austria needs third partner

Karl Bär karlbaer at swissinfo.org
Mon Apr 17 16:54:22 CEST 2006


I was asked to help looking for a partner in a third EU country for a 
project which will be accomplished by Greens in the Austrian country of 
Voralberg. They already have the Greens of Lindau, a town in the 
Bavarian district of Swabia, as one partner and need at least one third 
partner. This partner should be a Green organisation from a EU member 
state (This is how the funding works: 

The project in not a youth project. Still, it should be of interest for 
us or some of you might know somebody who is interessted.

The project is simple, but it has a high potential. Any organisation 
which wants to take part just needs to get access to a list of all 
streets in their community/town/county/ditrict/..., which is usually 
publicly available and analyze the names of the streets through a gender 
aspect. The Austrians already created a evaluation form for this.
The aims of the project are:
- Get reliable statistics for the relation of men and women in the names 
of streets
- Analyze which kind of women have streets named after them
- Raise awareness

The project can easily be done everywhere and it can be extended to 
european level. The only thing you need is a computer and some time.

At the moment the people in Voralberg and Lindau just need (a) partner 
organization(s) from at least one EU member state. If your organization, 
Green Party or even just one single local group is interessted, please 
contact Edith from Austria.

"Edith Boesch" <eboesch at aon.at>

Thanks for your attention,

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