[fyeg_gen-l] Forest week 2006 ?

Karl Bär karlbaer at swissinfo.org
Tue Apr 11 18:46:34 CEST 2006

Dear local groups,

As many of you might remember, FYEG accomplished the international Forest
Week last April using the slogan "No Forest - No Future" which was created
by participants of a FYEG summercamp in CZ in 2003. As the project was quite
successful and as it never intended to be a single event, forest week will
probably come again in April 2007.

But there will be no official FYEG Forest Week 2006. 
Still, some of you might be interessted in having forest week also this year.
Don't worry: There is a lot of experience from last year, people who want
to help you, a homepage and some rare leftovers of leaflets and t-shirts.

It was the local group in Rosenheim who contacted me some weeks ago asking
if there would be forest week again this year, as they wanted to repeat what
they did last year. On the weekend the EC of Bavarian Young Greens accepted
the idea to have forest week again and they even plan to reprint some leaflets,
which we translated into german. But as there will be the 20th anniversary
of the catastrophy in Tschernobyl soon, we posponed the actual week. So the
Bavarian Young Greens will acomplish Forest Week the 2nd till the 8th of
May 2006. At the moment we are trying to ask people in the other countries
of Germany if they want to participate and I also ask YOU to JOIN US.

There now is a separée in German Young Greens' Wiki where I wrote down the
ideas for actions which we collected on the GA. Most of these actions have
been done last year already, so I was able to put contacts and links next
to them for further information. You can find it here: http://wiki.gruene-jugend.de/index.php/forestweek

If you have any further ideas or questions or want to join us, contact me.
As I also plan to update the website www.noforestnofuture.net, it would be
nice if you plan to send me pictures already now.

Green Greetings, 

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