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Associazione per la Formazione, gli Scambi e le Attività Interculturali
No-Profit Organization for the promotion of
international youth mobility and intercultural
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Youth Exchanges
International News
*          The “Collective EVS”
*          The Concept of “Solidarity” within the EVS
*          Thank you to Euro-Med National Coordinators

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Alice Brandoni
Alessio Carimini
Cuca Maset
Erica Gerardini
Laura Gili
Marianna D’Albore
Massimiliano Viatore
Sara Vannelli


THANK YOU for all the information we have been receiving during the last
days. The campaign still goes on and Afsai will promote SUMMER WORKCAMPS
among our members for the following months too. Any change/update you have
about your activities will be very welcome.
Please write to Ms. Marianna D’Albore: m.dalbore at afsai.it
<mailto:m.dalbore at afsai.it> .
Very soon AFSAI will start the organization of work camps in Italy.


www.avso.org <http://www.avso.org/>
The Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO) is an
international non-governmental organisation, forming a European platform of
non-profit organisations offering opportunities of full-time international
and/or national voluntary service. Many of AVSO’s member organisations are
international networks and associations themselves. Through its member
organisations AVSO represents more than 110 organisations across Europe.
AVSO aims to promote full-time, long-term voluntary service by lobbying
governmental institutions and by networking with other non-govern­mental and
public organisations. AVSO aims to enhance transnational voluntary service
in quantity and quality by offering support services to volunteer
organisations, e.g. policy monitoring, organising training and
partnership-building events and by identifying best practice and impart­ing
AVSO emerged from a conference on longer-term voluntary service in December
1989, which aimed at defining barriers to transnational longer term
voluntary service at the national and international level and to work in a
common effort to remove them. In 1993 an office was set up in Brussels.
Since 1996 the association is registered under Belgian law as an
international non-governmental non-profit organisation (Moniteur
belge/Belgisch Staatsblad 10-10-1996, No. 22565/96).
Based in Brussels, AVSO has become a representative and liasing body for its
members in dealing with the European Commission in general and particularly
with regards to support for long-term voluntary service programmes. AVSO
enhances co-operation and interchange of ideas and practices between its
member organisations. Many member organisations co-operate closely in the
running of projects and programmes.

To know how become AVSO member and terms of conditions please contact
info at avso.org

Afsai Overseas Volunteers program offers the chance to all young people aged
between 18 and 30 years to come to Italy in order to make a strong personal
and intercultural experience, the opportunity to learn the Italian and at
the same time the possibility of being useful to those people in needs and
with a particular socio-economical and/or physical-mental disadvantage.
Afsai during the stay will guarantee/provide the volunteers the following:
-          a selected and experienced placement where to give the service;
-          board and lodging for the entire stay;
-          a crush course of Italian language;
-          a complete medical, sanitary and third part liability insurance;
-          a constant support during the stay.

The participation fee to the OV programme depends from the duration of the
stay and from the service required. For more information about this
opportunity we recommend you contact Sara Vannelli: s.vannelli at afsai.it
<mailto:s.vannelli at afsai.it>  <mailto:s.vanneli at afsai.it>

Note: for those participants living in a country in which is established an
Icye National Committee any contact should be mediated by the same NC, Afsai
will provide you with the necessary info.


AFSAI is looking for EVS partners in Europe. The request we receive from
Italian young people to participate to the EVS programme is very high.


AFSAI Seminar
Sorrento - Italy
>From Icye Federation Newsletter - Anselm Cojaniz

"Violence against women both violates and impairs or nullifies the enjoyment
by women of their human rights and fundamental freedoms... In all societies,
to a greater or lesser degree, women and girls are subjected to physical,
sexual and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class and
--Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, paragraph 112

As representative of the ICYE International Office in Berlin I attended the
seminar on “Gender based Violence”; organised by AFSAI/ICYE Italy on 13 – 18
June, Massa Lubrense near Sorrento/Neaples.
The participants of the above-mentioned seminar came from organizations
across Europe, which work with women, but also people that were just
interested in this subject. Every day we had working groups with a mix of
different participants, so that a broader view could be achieved.
We learned that gender-based violence encompasses a wide range of human
rights violations, including sexual abuse of children, rape, domestic
violence, sexual assault and harassment, trafficking of women and girls, as
well as several harmful traditional practices. All of these abuses can leave
deep psychological scars, damage the health of women and girls, including
their reproductive and sexual health, and in some instances, can lead to

For me it was a great opportunity to learn something about this theme, and
for that I want to thank AFSAI/ ICYE Italy. The report of the seminar will
soon be published on www.afsai.it <http://www.afsai.it/> .


During our last visit to Libya Afsai has received a proposal from the
General Union of Students of Great Jamahiria in Libya to set up a network
among organizations belonging to the following countries: Morocco, Tunisia,
Algeria, Libya and Egypt from the Med Countries; Portugal, Spain, France,
Italy and Malta from the European side.
For comments, information and/or for sending your endorsement please write
to: servizio.informativo at afsai.it <mailto:servizio.informativo at afsai.it>

International News

The “Collective EVS”

Creating the “YOUTH IN ACTION” programme for the period 2007-2013 presented
by the Commission [SEC(2004)960] - Brussels, 14.7.2004 COM(2004) 471 final
2004/0152 (COD), indicates:
2.2. European voluntary service (groups)
This measure supports volunteer projects with the same characteristics as
those described in point 2.1 above which allow groups of young people to
take part collectively in European-level or international-level activities
in the fields of culture, sport, civil protection, the environment,
development aid, etc. In principle, it is open to young people aged between
18 and 30. Depending on the tasks to be implemented and the situation in
which the volunteers are deployed, certain types of project may call for the
selection of candidates with specific skills.
The “Collective EVS” seems to be so a reality. The idea to raise up to
10.000 volunteers per year in all Europe includes of course the volunteers
in group projects. The proportion between individual and collective projects
it may be around two thirds and one third.
The volunteers may carry out the services at the same place in the same
country, at different places in the same country, or in different places in
different countries. The group character should be preserved. For the
launching phase of collective EVS a priority maybe put on a collective
service at the same place in the same country.
This is part of the issues on which the discussion is going on.

Nothing has been decided yet of course and the work is still in progress.

The Concept of “Solidarity” within the EVS

The legal basis document [Brussels, 14.7.2004 COM(2004) 471 final 2004/0152
(COD)] explicitly includes for the first time the term “solidarity”. In fact
we read at page 23:
Action 2 - European Voluntary Service
The aim of the Voluntary Service is to develop solidarity and promote active
citizenship and mutual understanding among young people through the
following measures.
This explicit statement should, according to us, give the right importance
to the effects and the impact that an “EVS project” may have on the local
society. The volunteer action is always connected to what happen at local
level. The reasons why a local organization decide to host an international
volunteer should never forget and should never be of lower importance.
The volunteer is one of the Actors involved in an EVS project.

Euro-Med Youth Programme - phase III

It seems we arrived to a first end of the phase.
Now is official: the contracts with all the National Coordinators of the
Meda Countries will not be renewed.

We would take this opportunity to thank all of them for the work they have
been doing and for several years spent trying to develop the Euro-Med Youth

They will end their mandate in the following months and the responsibility
of the programme in the Med countries now will pass to the DG AIDCO through
the EU Delegations already established in the countries.
The DG EAC will still be in charge of the projects for Europe wide
organizations, Resource Centre SALTO YOUTH Euro-Med and the Euro-Med Youth

The decentralization of the programme will bring to the establishment of
National Agencies in the Med Countries.

Let’s wait what will happen. If you have more fresh information about this
issue please feel free to write to newsletter at afsai.it
<mailto:newsletter at afsai.it>

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© 2005 AFSAI
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