[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG Gen List turned into Receivers List - Alternativesfor Posting

Markus V Drake drake at cc.helsinki.fi
Wed Jul 27 17:03:57 CEST 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Dante-Gabryell Monson wrote:

> It might be interesting to have some more clarifications regarding the
> perspectives and views regarding the lkist of the fyeg board and the
> moderator(s) of the list.

Hello, and sorry for the silence of some days. Also, greetings from the 
exchange in Serbia, today we had an exellent day out with the Serbian 
Green youth and a lovely, sunny manifestation in the contested park area 
in Belgrad, as well as great communication with both local residents and 

Concerning the e-mail-lists I hope there has already been clarifications 
on the list. In any case, the current proposal being presented to the EC 
for the meeting the upcoming weekend does not include the canceling of the 
general discussion list. It does, however, include the creation of a 
distribution list for official information, to that will replace the 
General discussion list as the channel for the newsletter as well as other 
statements. Views expresssed on the list and privately have been taken 
into account. Apologies to all those that have not received personal 
replies even though you are, for certain, worth them. The internet-time 
here is somewhat limited, fortunately.

Greetings from Serbia!
Markus D.

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