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0. Contents
1. Activities
2. Statements & press material
3. News on Member Organisations of FYEG
4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others
5. Calendar
6. Technical section

Welcome to the new FYEG newsletter. If you have material that you want to
be distributed in the FYEG network, please send it to us at
newsletter at fyeg.org.


1. Upcoming activities

The Balkans and Enlarged European Union
Dates: 24th - 31st of July 2005
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Contact: arend at fyeg.org

CDN Summer Camp 2005
Dates: 5th - 11th of August 2005
Location: Constantia, Romania
Contact: aleksandar at cdnee.org
More info: http://www.cdnee.org/projects/2005/summercamp.htm
Third call for participants is going on! The deadline is 28th of July!

Islam Study Session
Dates: 14th - 21st of August 2005
Location: Strasbourg, France
Contact: ska at fyeg.org
More info:

"Be the change you want to see in the world"
Dates: 4th - 11th of September 2005 (including travel days)
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus
Contact: xefi at fyeg.org
Concept: Human rights seminar
Details: Final details will be sent to participants. Participant list is
not finalised, pending approval of the project from EU comission for
co-financing. Final list will be sent to participants on the 3rd of


2. Statements & press material

FYEG disappointed on G8 outcome
(Published Tuesday, 12 July 2005)
8 old fashioned men decide on more of the same!

FYEG condemns bombing in Cesme
(Published Tuesday, 12 July 2005)
Only 3 days after the terrible bomb attack in London, another bomb has
injured at least 20 people in Cesme, Turkey. The Federation of Young
European Greens is shocked about this act of brutality and disrespect of
human beings.

Will proposed car tax reform tackle CO2 emissions?
(Published Tuesday, 19 July 2005)
On the 5th of July, the Commission discussed a proposal to reform
passenger car taxation.

Opposing growth and environment, FYEG worried that Commission will achieve
(Published Thursday, 21 July 2005)


3. News from Member Organisations

Many groups in FYEG participated in the Forest Week, a project for putting
focus on forest protection throughout Europe. In the last issue of this
newsletter we reported from events in Belgrade, Serbia, with a local group
asking for support in protecting a park.

Now FYEG requests that all the groups that did actions connected to the
Forest Week send in reports of what happened, any images you may have,
possible media coverage and so on. Please contact the office at
FYEG at europarl.eu.int if you have anything to share!

Some other things going on:

The German Grüne Jugend are preparing an action day on ecological travel,
12th of August 2005.
More info (in German): http://www.gruene-jugend.de/termine/event_5872.html

The Dutch group Dwars are carrying out a campaign concerning warped
concepts of sexuality in the media and for breaking down conservative
representations of sex and sexuality. The campaign happens in the cities
of Utrecht, Leiden, Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Maastricht and
Leeuwarden under the slogan is "can a man be a whore?"
More info (in Dutch): http://www.dwars.org/

If you have something to report, an event, a press release or whatever
your local member organisation is up to, and want to have it covered in
this newsletter, please send it in to newsletter at fyeg.org.


4. News on European Green Party/Green Group and others

Not exactly Green Group-news, but still worth noting:

Greece: Commission takes action over breaches of environmental law

The European Commission has decided to pursue infringement proceedings
against Greece in eight cases involving breaches of EU environment law

The cases concern Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), the ozone layer,
waste water, air pollution, waste, noise, impact assessment and access to
More info:


5. Calendar


5-12        "Empowering young people to help prevent human trafficking in
Eastern Europe" Summer camp - CDN and FYEG activity
More info at: www.cdnee.org
Constantia, Romania

14-21        Islam study session
Contact person: ska at fyeg.org
Strasbourg, France


4-11        "Be the change you want to see in the world"
Contact person: xefi at fyeg.org
Nicosia, Cyprus


1-6        Organic food campaign
Contact: joke at fyeg.org


6. Technical section

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If you have problems with your subscription, please contact
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FYEG is the Federation of Young European Greens. We can be reached at

FYEG Secretariat
European Parliament

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Brussels, B-1047

Tel        + 32 2 284 24 40
Fax        + 32 2 284 92 73
Email        FYEG at europarl.eu.int

Discussion related to or important for the FYEG ideally takes place on the
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