[fyeg_gen-l] Opposing growth and environment, FYEG worried that Commission will achieve neither!

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Opposing growth and environment, FYEG worried that Commission will achieve neither!


The Federation of Young European Greens is very worried about the contradiction that seems to be developing within the European Commission.


"What is in the background of today's meeting of the College of Commissioners is alarming" said Ernest Urtasun, co-spokesperson of FYEG, "as it looks like the Commission will take two steps back along the path of sustainable growth".


"The first step back is on the specific strategies of the environmental action programme discussed today such as maritime pollution, pesticides and soil quality" added Ska Keller, female co-spokesperson. "The second step back is more worrying, it seems that some of the Commissioners are re-considering the outdated notion that environmental progress necessarily hampers growth and wealth creation."


FYEG wishes to remind the Commission that European industry stands to gain significant advantages by being at the forefront of environmental innovation. Such innovations lead to medium and long-term savings, create numerous jobs and give industry a true competitive advantage vis-à-vis less advanced industries.


Furthermore, the costs linked to environmental disasters and their consequences on human health far outweigh any short-term savings that can be made by weakening environmental policy.


Ska Keller continued: "it is more the case that such 'short-term' policies are short-sighted and will lead to long-term costs and problems!"


Ernest Urtasun concluded that "it is astonishing how such old fashioned ideas are again surfacing when the EU is committed to the principles of sustainable development".

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