[fyeg_gen-l] [cacobblamarche] Stop CAFTA, and more US job outsourcing

Jan Van Eemeren jan.van.eemeren at telenet.be
Wed Jul 13 23:27:59 CEST 2005

Hi all,

Cobb and Lamarche were the candidates of the US Green Party for last 
year's General Elections.

Their campaign mailing list is still active. See below.

I hope you're all enjoying a great summer!



There are so many reasons to reject the CAFTA treaty. 
With no enforcement provisions to prevent exploitation of foreign workers
it would force those of us who still have jobs to compete against
the lowest wage standard in the world.  Without environmental
protections it would force what industries we have not lost
to pollute our own country to keep their costs as low as the worst
offenders overseas. 

The agreement even signs on to restrictions
on the availability of simple vitamins and minerals that might
prevent illness and disease, a provision pushed by prescription
drug industry interests to put us even more at their mercy.

This will be a VERY CLOSE VOTE in Congress.  Just as we did as to
Bolton, you can make a real difference in the outcome of this
critical policy decision.  Will we slide further down the NAFTA
slope of outsourcing and wage depression in our country, or will
we take the kind of stand that will inspire more of our fellow
constituents to elect the right people next time?  Please submit
the form below, whether or not you have time to add a personal
word of your own, but MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW.


Please take action NOW!  Forward this email to everyone you know,
and encourage its posting on blogs and websites.

originally posted by The Pen to cacobblamarche

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