[fyeg_gen-l] FYEG disappointed on G8 outcome: 8 old fashioned men decide on more of the same!

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FYEG disappointed on G8 outcome: 8 old fashioned men decide on more of
the same!


The G8 summit came to an end today amidst mixed feelings on the outcome.
Whilst the governments of the G8 pat themselves on the back, Third World
and environmentalist NGOs are left to wonder what the fuss is about.


The Federation of Young European Greens warmly welcomes the steps taken
towards increasing development aid and is pleased to see that the
question of deleting some poor nations debt was re-evoked. 


FYEG expresses, however, deep caution as regards what lies behind this
debt relief measures which seem to be conditioned, once again, to poorer
nations adopting economic policies that may hinder rather than help them
down the path of a true sustainable development.


FYEG also finds Sir Bob Geldof's comments whereby he regards criticising
the summit "a disgrace" insulting. Ska Keller, co-Spokesperson for the
Federation, said: "The summit's results fall well short of what is


As regards the environmental dimension, FYEG is astounded on what little
materialised of the Summit. Ernest Urtasun, male co-Spokesperson
commented: "G8 leaders do not seem to fully get to grips with the
implications of climate change. Environmental disasters also have an
eminent economic dimension. How is it still possible to consider
economic development without taking this into account?".


FYEG believes that, once again, old fashioned politics have overshadowed
truly innovative policies. 8 cheesy men representing - 14% of the
world's population but almost 50% of global CO2 emissions - have failed
to meet expectations.     



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