[fyeg_gen-l] Chiche ! and London attacks

aude at chicheweb.org aude at chicheweb.org
Sat Jul 9 15:29:30 CEST 2005

I'm not talking with a mandate but I can tell you that Chiche ! is of
course touched by the violence of the attacks on London and disapproves
this war of a new type.
But we are also very critical of the way there are used as pretexts by our
governments to make us accept security laws that restrain our liberties.
The right wing French governement has made many laws of this type (after
Jospin's LSQ, law on daily security, in automn 2001) and is restraining
the ability of action of the magistrates and of the lawyers, trying to
influence their acts.
We think all this is despiseful and for these reasons we are going to
update a brochure on the issues of civil liberties, the use of insecurity
by populist governements, and the repression of poverty.
Our sincere regards to our Londonian friends and all those who are touched
by these attacks,

"Ce qui est utopique, c'est de croire qu'on pourra continuer comme ça
encore longtemps."

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