[fyeg_gen-l] [CDN Info] London blasts!

Dorien Keizer dorienkeizer at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 8 13:46:45 CEST 2005

Dear friends,

what you say about seeing things in perspective is very true, but on the 
longer term. I believe logic is a good thing to use when analysing the 
things which happened yesterday, but it's not time to analyse yet.

Last night I was sitting around with a group of Young Greens here in 
Scotland when one of the London YGs found out that a good friend of his had 
travelled on one of the exploding tube trains and noone had heard from her 
all day. This is a time to be shocked and emotional and not reasonable at 

We should struggle for a just world in which no genocides take place and 
when they do it should be all over the media, but the timing for this 
struggle should make sure that you don't hurt the presently affected people 
even more unnecessarily. Perspectives are good but not today.

Take care,


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>"The terrorist attacks ARE TERRIBLE but do put them into perspective with
>everything else happening in the world."
>Thank you Chris...Even though your people are victims of violence now, you
>expressed sense for logic of determinism... cause and effect.
>11.07. it will be 10 years since Serbian soldiers commited genocide of more
>than 8000 Srebrenica citizents, town in eastern Bosnia that was UN 
>zone. Can you imagine more hipocricy of those who are now shocked by bombs
>in London and never payed any attention to all those victims, bombs,
>genocides in Indonesia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Tchetcheniya, Palestine, Bosnia
>and Herzegovina?
>Cause and effect my friends...

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