[fyeg_gen-l] Belgrade park devastation - Green Youth Malta react

Milan milan at zeleni.org.yu
Tue Jul 5 14:34:00 CEST 2005

Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh 

Green Youth Malta

10, Manwel Dimech Street, Sliema.

tel no : 00356 21314040

July 2005


Natalie Debono - International Secretary - Green Youth Malta

email:  <mailto:adz at alternattiva.org.mt> natalie.debono at alternattiva.org.mt

Rampant speculation, lack of proper laws spur urban degradation of  Serbian
Capital City.

We, members of Alternattiva Demokratika Zghazagh - Green Youth Malta, would
like to appeal to the concerend authorities to put a stop to the degradation
of the physical city and social fabric of Belgrade.



Residents wake up to see large earth moving machinery and rubble where just
the day before stood a park comprising of 30 trees, a basketball court and
children's playground. Speculators take advantage of lack of proper building
codes and antiquated laws to change the character of whole neighborhoods
without the knowledge and consent of residents.



"The investors are using all "legal" methods to obtain property and building
permits. The law does not allow citizens to be well informed about the
changes in the regulation plan in advance. Usually the building starts
rather cunningly - early in the morning or during the holiday season when
people are not there, not able or prepared to react properly. " 

Milan Mitrovic, Green Youth - Serbia


Malta's Green Youth sees parallels in this run for unbridled profits through
property speculation in Malta as well as most Mediterranean countries. We
feel the need to come together to pressure the authorities to recognize the
value of mixed neighborhoods that offer space for residential, business,
entertainment and relaxation. Mixed neighborhoods that evolve in
consultation with residents are the best hope of halting the urban
degradation that results in rising juvenile crime.


Most sensitive to speculators are green areas and low income neighborhoods
that cannot absorb the stress of such change. Children have nowhere to go.
Families that cannot afford to move out invariably end up facing
insurmountable odds to improve their lot. Local governments must, indeed,
protect the urban poor from speculators aiming for a quick buck. There seems
to be insufficient awareness in Belgrade's media to the plight, financial
success at all costs seems to be more important than the community's


We call for immediate termination of construction works in the park (green
surface) at Stanislava Sremcevica Street, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro.
Henceforth we call for the legal protection of this and all other green
surfaces (locations for relaxation and sport activities) in the city of



Joseph A Borg

PRO - ADZ (Green Youth) Malta



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