[fyeg_gen-l] Press release: FYEG and Zelena Omladina: Belgrade must stop destroying parks now, save green for future

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Tue Jul 5 12:12:49 CEST 2005

FYEG and Zelena Omladina: Belgrade must stop destroying parks now, save
green for future!

The Federation of Young European Greens is worried about the destruction
another park in centre of Belgrade. Thirty trees were cut down and a
playground will be destroyed after a flat building company got
for construction. The residents found out that the whole space will be
for building new flats, offices and car garages.

Ska Keller, Spokesperson of FYEG says: "Another green spot will
in the Serbian capital although a city needs parks as a green longue in
order to improve the quality of air and the quality of life. Belgrade
authorities should do their best to improve protection of green areas,
not the opposite!"

Milan Mitrovic, Spokesperson of Zelena omladina Srbije, the Serbian
organisation of FYEG, adds: "Green space is essential for the quality of
living. Just creating new flat buildings does not fullfil the needs of
citizens. We need green parks in Belgrade for a decent life of the
inhabitants. The Construction lobby has become extremely powerful so now
it is
in the position to freely choose the locations of  building plots,
only profit into account.  If by some luck some green spot remained in
of Belgrade, we need to protect and develop it. We should not allow any
further misuse of our local city laws and regulations, especially points
which are obligating on information of the public."

FYEG and Zelena omladina Srbije demand that the Serbian authorities take
into account environmental aspects in their construction plans.
we demand more involvement of the citizens: an information law should
that they are well informed about what will be built in front of their
and they should be asked about new construction projects in their area
their worries have to be taken into account.


Federation of Young European Greens

Ska Keller

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Zelena omladina Srbije

Milan Mitrovic

Milan at zeleni.org.yu <mailto:Milan at zeleni.org.yu> 



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