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Fri Jul 1 23:39:19 CEST 2005

Dear friends!
This is a reminder: we are still looking for member organisations that would like to host the General Assembly in spring 2006. The original deadline (1st of july) has already past but we decided to be generous;-) and to give you a bit more time. The new and final deadline for applications is 9th of July (saturday). For more info about what is needed to apply, please read the mail below.
all best wishes!
in case of questions, contact me: ska at fyeg.org 

To all member organisations and candidate members


Dear friends,


For the General Assembly 2006 we are looking for a member organisation or candidate member that would like to host the meeting. The GA is going to take place in February or March 2006 and will gather 50-60 people.

The venue has to fullfill the following criteria:

-         it has to be a big city with airport and good transportation

-         we need a meeting room that is big enough for 60 people

-         we need accomodation for 60 people that is not too far from the meeting room

-         there should be an active local group of your organisation that can prepare the meeting


The location will be decided on mainly according to financial aspects. Therefore it is important that the travel costs to the location are relatively cheap (cheap flight companies; central place in Europe...). Also the meeting room and the accomodation should be very cheap. It would be great if you had some ideas for co-financing the GA (for instance the local greens).


If you want to apply as a hosting organisation, please send us until 1st of July

-         an official expression of interest

-         a short explanation of your motivation

-         a description of your ideas for location/ accomodation/ food and your contribution to the preparation of the GA

-         a draft budget in which you indicate how much you think everything will cost (Including the travel costs!) and any possible co-financing. Please be realistic!


Please remember that the deadline for applications in 1st of July 2006!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me: ska at fyeg.org

Thanks a lot for your interest! the GA is the most important body of FYEG and we need active MOs to make it a success!:-)

all best wishes,


Spokesperson of FYEG

ska at fyeg.org 


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