[fyeg_gen-l] CDN Summer Camp Romania - Call for the PARTICIPANTS (2nd and final round)

Aleksandar Jovanovic aleksandar at cdnee.org
Fri Jul 1 00:04:31 CEST 2005

Dear friends,

CDN - Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a SECOND and FINAL round call for the participants for the Summer Camp "Empowering young people to help prevent human trafficking in Eastern Europe". 

Summer Camp will take place in Constantia, Romania from  to 5th to 12th of August 2005 and will be hosted by the our member organisation Romanian Young Greens.

So, if you feel motivated and would like to participate at this event please send us your application to claudia at cdnee.org and aleksandar at cdnee.org BEFORE 15th of July 2005!

Application form and the call for participants is attached to this message (as well available at www.cdnee.org).

We advice you to apply as early as possible since prep team will be deciding on applications that have arrived every few days (progressively). As well we would advice you to  take time to write the applications since motivation and interest have been prep team's major selection criteria.

Round 1 info:


During round 1 prep team for the summer camp has selected 30 participants out of 47 applications we have received (still around 50-60 places left). Bellow you will find a list of applicants for round 1. In case you have applied and your name is not listed bellow you will have to apply again for round 2!

Results of the round 1 will be announced to applicants at latest on Monday, 4th of July.


Best regards,

Aleksandar Jovanovic

CDN Office


p.s. This event is supported financially by Council of Europe Youth Foundation and Green Forum, Sweden at present



      No. Country Surname First Name 
      1 Belgium Van Eemeren Jan 
      2 Spain - Canary Islands Rodriguez Baez Juan Francisco 
      3 Sweden Grändås Ida 
      4 Azerbaijan Haji Tofik 
      5 Czech Republic Holý Radovan 
      6 SCG - Serbia Manojlovic Mirjana 
      7 Netherlands den Brok Joost 
      8 Moldova Bocan Irina 
      9 Germany Gottmann Felicia 
      10 Netherlands Janssen Bibi 
      11 Turkey Yilmaz Tugba 
      12 Germany Hohner Diana 
      13 UK - Scotland Burton George 
      14 Albania Loloci Alma 
      15 Poland Stokowiec Wojciech 
      16 Netherlands Brouwer Willem 
      17 SCG - Kosovo Fejzulahu Robert 
      18 Belgium Dartois Cedric 
      19 Albania Kashari Rudina 
      20 Romania Barbalata Marina 
      21 Romania Dragan Irina 
      22 Romania Staicu Daniela 
      23 Bosnia Herzegovina Mehmedbasic Damir 
      24 Turkey Guzel Zeynep 
      25 Belgium Lins Sven 
      26 Poland Makowski Wojciech 
      27 Greece Hadzopoulou Athina 
      28 Russia Kodatko Daria 
      29 Albania Bega Anisa 
      30 Albania Delisula Endrit 
      31 Albania Pulaj Erna 
      32 Albania Bega Lori 
      33 Bulgaria Kovachev Ognyan 
      34 Poland Lebiedzinska Joanna 
      35 Poland Sarata Natalia 
      36 Latvia Jece Ilze 
      37 Hungary Ribiczey Zsuzsa 
      38 Netherlands Smit Ruben 
      39 Italy Russo Evelina 
      40 Bulgaria Dakov Atanas 
      41 Netherlands Jansen Stef 
      42 Malta Bugeja Joanna 
      43 Poland Rostek Barbara 
      44 SCG - Serbia Cankovic Milena 
      45 SCG - Serbia Mitrovic Milan 
      46 Bosnia Herzegovina Isabegovic Gordan 
      47 SCG - Serbia Cankovic Danijela 

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