[fyeg_gen-l] Call for Participants and Info for delegates: International seminar and FC in Ljubljana, Slovenia, March 2005

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Hi all,
Hopefully you will find this as educational as JEF
found the CDNEE seminar educational. 

Best regards,

Dear friends,

JEF Europe is pleased to invite you to participate in
the International Seminar “Dinner For 25 - Solidarity
And Equal Rights In the EU” which will be held from
March 13 -20, 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

JEF Europe plans to gather participants from more than
30 European countries from different regions that
range from far North to the Mediterranean.


The Federal Committee of JEF Europe will meet at the
end of the seminar, from Friday 18 March (start in the
afternoon) until Sunday 20 March (end around 14.00).


Deadline for applications is:

-          For those who need a Visa: January 31st,

-          For participants that DO NOT need a Visa to
enter Slovenia: February 9th 2005


For further questions or specific requests, you can
contact the European Secretariat of JEF-Europe at:
info at jef-europe.net





The year 2004 has been historic for the European Union
in many ways. We have seen the agreement on the
European Constitution and achieved the historical
enlargement. Nevertheless, the biggest enlargement
ever in the history of the EU has also raised many
questions that still need an answer and the
Constitution Treaty now awaits ratifications from the
member countries.


The Union therefore faces new challenges in both
economic and political issues. The EU has become one
the largest markets of the world. The enlargement
however did not erase many of the divisions between
the old and the new member states and yet we are
facing decisions of further enlargements already
foreseen to take place in the near future. Will the
European Union survive the new economic pressures of
the differences between their member countries, and
will it preserve the solidarity and equal rights for
all the members?


The member countries have also reached a historical
political agreement on the Constitution for Europe.
The Constitution is bringing the Union closer to its
citizens, yet it faces many challenges on its way
towards ratification and future improvements Some
member states have already ratified it, but most still
have to do it through a parliamentary process or a


In this context, the seminar will tackle several
topics, with a deeper insight on solidarity and equal
rights. We will discuss the insight of economic and
financial issues of the EU and how they reflect on
political challenges of recent and future enlargements
as well as the Constitution debate.


The seminar will focus on the following areas:

-        the EU budget, composition and challenges

-        negotiations on the 2007-2013 financial

-        the Constitution – implications and the
ratification process

-        further enlargements of the EU

-        democratic deficit and decision-making in the
enlarged EU





** International seminar **


Participation fee: 100 EUR

covering full board from Sunday 13 March in the
evening until Sunday 20 March in the morning.


Travel reimbursement: 70% of an economy train, bus and
flight ticket, up to a maximum of 180 EUR.


Travel reimbursement will be given on the spot at the
end of the seminar, to participants who have attended
all sessions. Reimbursement will be provided upon
presentation of travel documents, clearly showing the
amount spent.


Few scholarships and/or extra travel reimbursements
will be available on special request to the JEF
European Secretariat and attributed upon motivation.
Please specify this request in your application form
in "other remarks".


** Federal Committee **


Participation fee: 25 EUR, covering full board from
Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.


There are no travel reimbursements available for
participants attending the FC only. FC members are
encouraged to attend the seminar. In addition,
Ljubljana is reachable from many countries by train or
bus for reasonable prices. On the other hand, low-fare
airline EasyJet connects Ljubljana with London and
Berlin, and several airports close to Slovenia are
served by Ryanair (Trieste, Venice-Treviso,
Klagenfurt, Graz).


If you wish to attend the FC only, please also
REGISTER through the online application form used for
the seminar, and inform us accordingly in the "other
remarks" section.


Deadline for applications for the FC is February 13,


if this is not working check out www.jef-europe.net

For further questions or specific requests, you can
contact the European Secretariat of JEF-Europe at:
info at jef-europe.net


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