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markus petz councillortothewise at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 31 18:56:33 CET 2005

Habe d'Ehre

As you may know I get involved every now and again in
running projects. Often there are problems with
participants droping out or even partners from certain
coutries needing to be replaced.



is a new site that may be useful in helping you
develop projects and deal with some of the problems
that arise.

Now it is quite new so quite limited in amount of
people using it. However it is really simple to
navigate around and quite comprehensive. One to watch
for the future. Check it out.



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> Betreff: [fyeg_ec-l] FW:  A New Year of Projects
> Begins
> An interesting organisation. Do check it out if you
> are interested in projects

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> Dear E-Mailing Members
> Today 2004 will end and we all have enjoyed a wonder
> year in many different ways.
> The Team at Projects Are Us.org would like to wish
> you a wonderful new years today and hope that 2005
> will bring many new and exciting Youth Projects your
> way. We would also like to thank you for your
> support during 2004 to make our E-Mailing a growing
> success, as now we have 1199 active members in 57
> countries.
> The Team at Projects Are Us.org will be working hard
> over the next few months to improve the overall look
> of our website as well as to bring faster and more
> up to date information to you, and we hope that the
> newer range of projects we have to offer as well as
> to advertise will interest many of you. So take some
> time to view the website and keep yourself up to
> date with our growth. www.projectsareus.org 
> in 2005 Projects Are Us.org will be branching into
> three main activities.
> 1. The growing Free European E-Mailing list Network.
> 2. The new Estonian Based Projects Are Us.org team
> to implement local, regional and National Youth
> programs in Estonia.
> 3. The new European Level Projects Are Us.org
> Network, offering support and reliable partnerships
> across many European Countries. Which will include
> an large international training and support team
> available to help in joint projects and activities.
> New and innovative projects as well as much more, so
> get ready to join this Network as it grows into
> innovative Youth Network.
> We again would like to thank you for your support
> and look forward to meeting all of you in the up
> coming years.
> Sincerely
> Entire TEAM at Projects Are Us.org
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Markus Petz
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Federation of Young European Greens 

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